The blue whale Gamer

One thing you really want,
But the thing is such,
You can only want,
Something out of reach,
To you cannot be grant.

A piece of star,
A flying car,
To be a TV star,
Or in every corner, a bar.

Some things are only dreams,
Reality is really sour,
Not rich and sweet cream.

Monotony and boredom,
Is the reality’s axioms,
That why, we need asylum,
In an unreal dream Kingdom.

We read book, play games,
Lets our imagination fly,
Across realms of riches and fames,
Forget the boring real self,
Go away, to the extent of insanes.

Does it really important to exist,
Even if I am dumb and lame,
Put an end to this foolishness,
Let us play, the Blue Whale Game.

Note : ignore it