Sitting in front of me,
A girl in a yellow dress,
Seeing her, is a glee,
Fair skin given by god’s bless.

Pretending to write this poem,
I watch with my dirty fantasies,
The figure so awesome,
On her, eyes of every male freeze.

Then, a feeling was recalled,
By my mother, I was told,
Be sensitive, not just bold,
How will you feel mister,
If she was your own sister.

Of course! I don’t want,
Anyone staring at my sister,,
So this girl in yellow does not
Deserves stares of every observer.

At that point, I understood,
That if I want a girl,
I need the guts to say,
That, I want to stand beside you,
Weather it is night or day.

So until I have that guts,
Seeing every women
With respect and dignity is a must.