Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in complexity and confusion of things.

      It is common thinking as you develop yourself in anything ( any discipline or art or any talent or anything ) , things get more and more complicated. Best example is maths . All will agree on this.
From 1,2,3,4 to geometry and calculus. There is a difference of heaven and earth between two levels.
       It is said to be true for anything you want to do in your life. Every discipline from maths , physics , astronomy to history , geography or political science get more complex and tedious. Even every type of art drawing , painting , dancing , singing follow this . Even your hobbies that may be planning , reading , video games etc.
      Like when I starred reading books , it is any book that I found in school library . But later on I developed taste for particular genres like fantasy romance , erotica or medivial fantasy.
     Even relationships gets complicated with time . Don’t you agree?
     The universe is very complicated . I used to believe that also …….. Until  I was introduced to programming. Programming language may be difficult and complex to understand. But when you do the practical work . When you are given a situation  real life . You have to go back to the basics that are simple and easy.
      Consider this example at our first class in programming we are said to make a programme to add 3 and 4 . Look at the programme for this simple problem. (No need to understand. Just notice how complex it is)


All that for just doing 3+4 . Well computer understand only this.
But the point is a simple problem can become complex just by our perception .
   Believe me this usually is the case with most of things in life.
They are usually not so complicated as we make them.
    There its 2 terms generation and specialization . Specialization means when we try to understand things at micro level that is complex and greatly detailed. Generalization means understanding things at micro  level that is simple and less detailed. Like if you study economic, you may know there are 2 branches micro economic and macro economic . Micro economic related to economy of villages, towns our cities. But to understand the economy of a country , can you study economy of all villages and towns ? No way it will take 100 years. So we generalize them. We look for similarities rather than differences and group then in categories like rural economy and urban economy. Micro economy may be good at a village level. But when you are running a country detailed and complex view is impossible to consider. Hence , we use macro economy which is simple and less detailed.
       This method of generalization is followed in many discipline including biology, software engineering , chemistry, physics , computer science, IT , accounts. Even on humanity subjects like history , arts, singing , dancing etc.
    Real ability of human beings is not understanding complex things .Rather in making complex things easy to understand .
    This is accepted by many intellects born in our society. Read the heading of this article. Do you know it is said by Isaac Newton (though half things he said I was unable to understand but understood this) .
    Best example I can think of is Mahatama Gandhi . He led the revolution to free India from british rule . He only applied certain simple princess like satyanarayan(always take path of truth) , ahimsa(peaceful demonstrations) , seeing good in every human etc. and managed the revolution .
       He lived a simple lifestyle. He always remain close to his basic principle .
      That is the secret of reducing complexity from your life.
      Always stay close to the basics . Apply this in everything. Try to decompose a complex problem in basics. If your basics are not clear you will not be able to relate to them.
     For example of you don’t know how to count, how will you solve a problem of addition and distraction or how can you wrote an article if you don’t know the grammar of a language or how can you painting if you don’t recognize the colors .
     Respect the basics. Always stay close to them because Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in complexity and confusion of things.
       Hope you liked this article. Please share you thoughts.