Fantasy wars – novels vs rpgs

       In every life, there comes a time when we have 2 have to choose something over other. We do it spoil the time but there are some decision which are as easy as right vs writing or average vs best. What if it is best vs best?
     There are four things in my life I want to do a lot.
Programming , Reading , Blogging and reading.
     From my experience and schedule I think I can fulfill only 3.
     Programming and Blogging is important for my self actualisation. They are not leavable.
     So left is reading novels or playing rpgs.
    What you think of better out of them?
I done a lot of thinking on this and reached a decision.
      I chose novels.
Why? Have a look at the following points.
1.   The first thing story and plot. RPGs even with a big map to explore cannot provide a strong or complex plot as in a book.
   A book author does not have to concern with programming a battle system or different skills, charterer level etc. He have to only focus on writing a good story. This allows him to create much complexer plot.
    No game can match the complexity of LOTR or’ Coin and dagger’ or Harry Potter etc.

2. Book character have much more emotional depth than that of RPGs. Many of the characters in RPGs are just numbers. They are just defined by their stats (like strength, defense) etc. and not by their emotions as a human being. You may want to contradict it. But less than 30% of rpg characters shows any real emotion.

3. Books provide much more choice and varieties than RPGs. For every rpg developer, there is more than 10 authors. So novels thousands more in numbers .
   Also novels provide many geners like fantasy, romance, science fiction, drama, historical and many more . Such variety is not at all present in RPGs.

4. Novels have much more mature written stories. They are true literature. Rpgs at the end of the day are games made for children around 12 years old.
   I have loved Rpgs in my teens. But as I have grown up. Rpgs feels like a little childish.

5. Rpgs take much more time, space and money.
   Of course an rpg occupy much more space in your device’s memory then an eBook. Space on an average eBook if around 350kb in comparison to 40 mb of an average rpg.
    Also they cost much more and you have to devote time for level grinding.
For many that will me more fun then books. But majority will consider it waste of time.

     Many of you may not agree with me. Even willing to debate to defend your favorite rpgs.
    But I want to tell you, I am myself a big fan of RPGs. I have loved them and have enjoyed 100 of hours of adventure in many realms.
    I will remember all the rpgs I have played till my last breath. But finally books have won.
    But in our generation we have got many more choices that have fused books and rpgs together. Choose Your Own Adventure games(like that of Choice of Games) and many visual novels like Lone Wolf Saga. These have best features of both.
     Adventure of RPGs combined with depth of books , is the true evolution of fantasy.
    Thanks for reading. Please spare a minute to express your views.

Experience the greatest rpg – your life

     RPG(role playing games) is a genere loved by many gamers. Weather it is Final Fantasy or pokemon or kemco games,  rpgs have found a place in the hearts of many.
    RPGs  are so popular because these games try to stimulate real life. In real life we need experience to achieve anything and experience is gained through hours of practice.
     RPGs stimulate this. Most of these games have a level and stats system. Each character have unique stats like strength,  vitality,  intellect,  magic etc.
When player wins a battle he is awarded some experience point that are added to the level bar and the bar increases. When level bar is maximized the character level is increased with that his stats also making. Intresting. Isn’t it.
        Gamers spend 10s of hours in winning more and more battles to gain experience. The rising level bar keeps them motivated. Maximizing the bar gives them immense satisfaction and motivation to carry on and on.
     Will it not be wonderful if we can bring this motivation in our real Lives. If we can visualise our goals or targets like bars. If we can create a stat system for us.
     This will keep us motivated always. It is proven that results that can be seen with naked eyes act as better motivater.
      But there is a basic problem. Most of our stats do not have a measure. Tell me how will you measure your health,  vitality or intelligence. You can say go for regular check ups or take it test every month. But these all are money and time consuming and may not worth your efforts. Also there is no measure for qualities like love,  compassion or will power. Is there?
      So what we do? What is the solution? We want a way that is simple, easy to understand,  effective and can measure anything.
      Answer is a simple application smartphone Raise the bar (link is for android search raise the bar for ios appstore)
        This is a goal tracking app but it has an additional feature that separates it from other such apps.
       It uses bar to track your goals. You can track by time (eg: how much hours I study) or by amount (no. Of pages etc.) and at last the feature I was talking about. A level up system.
     It is similar to the level up system. You can track things that usually have no measure or difficult to measure.
     Take this example. This is the screenshot of my stats.


   You can see the four bars that I track. Vitality,  will,  spirituality, Intellect. You can award yourself points whenever you do something positive related to what you are targeting.
   Like yesterday I was longing to eat ice cream but I control myself. So I awarded me a vitality point and will point. In the morning I did brush my teeth for full 2 minutes and was awarded 1 vitality point. Today I solve 20 math problems and was awarded 3 intellect point. I helped one of my friend in revision for tomorrow’s exam and was awarded 2 spiritual points. Isn’t it awesome.
     When bar is maximized you will gain a level and become a more healthy or more intelligent or improve your will power or become a better human being.
    These are stats that I have selected. You can select anything you want to improve in yourself. Weather it is creativity or any subject,  goodness or relationships with others. Your bad or good habits.  Anything that cannot me measured in meter,  kg or seconds. To understand this more clearly you can read
      I have tried this simple motivating technique personally. If you honestly follow it you will become better.
    There are many things in our life that do not look important and are neglected. Like do not brushing teeth properly may not affect in two or three days but what will you feel when you lose your teeth at ab early age.
      You may not help your friends in need and can lose them.
     These small small things may have negligence or no effects in short term but can ruin your life in the long run. As the result is slow and usually there is no immediate award there is a high chance that you will neglect or be demotivated to carry on with then.
    So this simple technique can keep you motivated and remind you of your targets.
   At first,  it may feel stupid but as you carry on it will become a game that will have tremendous awards in real life. It will help you achieve good habits that can change your life. (I have got more than 20 will points for not eating nails. Now I am never scolded for it)
    It is proven that humans tend to perform better when they have a challenge to conquer and a goal to reach.
   Also it will give you immense satisfaction and happiness when you level up that is a great prize in itself.
    The app is free. No need to buy pro version it just removes adds nothing special. It is easy to understand and use. It includes excellent tutorials for every function. Please check it out
Raise the bar (link is for android search raise the bar in ios appstore)
      It has changed my life for better. Hope the same for you.
    Heey,  I finally completed this article. I deserve atheist 2 will points. That takes be to level 6. Yipee
      Thank you for reading. Hope you like it. Please share your thoughts with us.