My real happiness

That feeling called happiness

For which we all work hard
May study long hours
May live like a bard
Or may drink alcohol
And take morphing
So today we
Remember no sad thing

Happiness is the thing, our final aim
For some it is respect, charity
For others it is wealth and fame
Whatever the definition for you
The feeling always remains the same

I am not here to lecture you
On what happiness should be to you
I am here writing this poem to share
What happiness in my sense is fair.

So lend me your ears my friends
I want to tell you ,my happiness trends

I am youngest in a joint family
Bua, dadi , sister, Papa
Everybody form heart loves me

I have latest Android phone
With vaccines at right time
I am not at all disease prone
In studies I get good grades
And get to pull my sister’s braids

I am healthy, I have fun
I like to party, I like to learn
But still feel that
My real happiness
Have still not begun.

You may think, I am over demanding
But fact is that, I want to be commanding
Being youngest in my living family
I have been sheltered from any anomly.
I may be intelligent and strong willed
But it is of no use with my family shield.

So what I truly want
Is not just love and dance
I want to grow from this seedling
Into a giant tree
That sheds the entire shant

When I look at the sunlight
I get that feeling of peace
Feeling of theĀ  strength
That can make your
Enemies ,fall on their knees

With such power and position
You are free to carry any operation
That makes you any your family
Happy and satisfied to saturation

I want such power,
I want such strength
That allows you to
Protect family and friends.

Imagine a scene,
You are sitting on sofa, reading a newspaper
Your wife is decorating, cake from best local baker
Your beautiful daughters manic rangoli with rangoli shaper
And listening music in smartphone of best mobile maker.
Seeing this you feel so peaceful
For a live so very gleeful
Your family to you is so thankful

You love them
They love you back
Tell me a thing
Such a life lack
When your job, back balance
Family life or spiritual trance
Are on the right track
When you can say a friend in trouble
I have got your back.
Then, sitting on sofa
Enjoying a cup of coffee
Will give me so much satisfaction
The happiness now will be a fraction.

I will have love, money and career
Between me and my soulmate
Children , siblings , father and elders
There will be no barrier.

I know achieving all this
Will be very hard at least
But for that kind of bliss
My efforts will never get a miss.

I will face all hurdles that come up
Afterall I have many to back me up

I will be like my father
Who is my family’s pillar
Papa, you will call me your honeydew
When I will become the true heir of you

All the readers, really thank you!

It will really lovely of you to share what happiness means to you.