Drain the anger

Sometimes in a bad mood,
Even with our dear once,
we can act a little rude,
Ok ok, may be a lot rude.

Like a wishing from Grandma,
Full of childhood nicknames,
Even after you done diploma,
(you’r grown up)
Fills you with some old flames.

This feeling of anger,
is a big big danger,
Right from your health,
To closest relationships,
Can become‚Äč endanger.

So this has to be dealt with,
Before it gains control over you,
Before it finds your mind’s pith,
And it becomes a hollow bamboo.
(you are unable to think anything)

So how to find a way,
That keeps anger away,
So, for you life can lay,
A beautiful‚Äč every day.

There is a technique, I learn about,
That stop you when, feel like shout,
Simply just tire yourself somehow,
Drain yourself of that wild energy,
Use it for something, make you proud.

A great weakness of anger,
It needs lots of energy,
To keep your mind, a boiler,
Cut out this ancillary,
Your emotions will be milder.

Go out for a run,
Jump on a trampoline,
Do a difficult math problem,
(that also drains energy)
Understand what I mean.

This may be a little trick,
For sure, difficult at first,
But, easy after some ticks(time),
Help you cope with outburst,
And you may never get sick

Will become part of your routine,
You will be wondered,
At the sudden change of scene (of your life)
You will become, more savvy, less mean,
It has worked for me,
Like my personal, psychology dean.