Java is everywhere

      It is an interesting quote I read while installing Java on my laptop. We have heard ‘God is everywhere’. But how java can be everywhere. In the present world it can?
        Java is the programming language that is being used to programme almost every device. See around you. The computer or tablet or phone on which you are studying this post is programmed java. The web browser you are using uses java. All smart TVs have java. iOS or android or windows or Mac uses java. Their apps are built using java. Linux OS is entirely based on java. The new trend of smarter watched wiulw not have been possible without java.
     Java resides in many things around you. From your washing machine to your phone, computer, traffic lights, internet , even on your car.
    The best of java is in the fact that it is the best Object Oriented Language. That means it is best to represent the real world things and their attributes .
Like a dog is a real world thing and barking is one of its attributes.
     Java have excellent security mechanisms for the body machine. Most important it is easy to learn and is completely free. So after the softwares needed like Netbeans IDE.  It is available to anyone with the will to learn.
     If you are interested try this
   It may not relate to kind of things I blog. But java had become an I indispensable part of my life. I just wanna share it. After all java is hidden to make eyes but it is everywhere .
     May be even God  is using java to programme the universe. (like Matrix reloaded).