Just for one day

For one day,
I don’t follow the routine,
For one day,
Don’t drink that shake of protein,
For one day,
Don’t study, don’t bath, don’t pray,
On the bed, I can just lay,
The world will not end,
If I am allowed to go astray,
Just for one day.

Work really hard yesterday,
Hours passed in the blue,
No matter how much you try,
there is always something to do.

So don’t I deserve rest,
Just for one day,
Can’t I leave the conquest,
Just for one day.

A memory ignites in my mind,
Why I started this tread,
Why I decided to leave,
Every dawn, the comfort of bed.

There was a time,
When I have chosen the bed,
Rather then working my ass off,
I would do nothing instead,
A life with no goal, no meaning,
I would have choosen to led.

The last para got me,
Where I am today, it brought me,
Whenever I sulk, it comes to me,
From dilema what to do,
This makes me free.

Rather then living a meaninless life,
Better to stand up and fight,
Who knows this one day,
May realize hard work of many nights

the RISE in morning

The first ray strikes the earth,
Celebrating a new day’s birth,
Sleeping on your soft berth,
Energy is in great dearth.

But you need to wake up,
From sleep need to break up,
I know how angry you feel,
When somebody shakes you up.

You wanna cry go away,
This sleep I have earned,
By challenging and winning,
Over yesterday’s hard burden.

But as you come to senses,
Sees the fall of your defenses,
Make some hard acceptensies,
And your new day commences.

You rise, you wake up,
Be wise, make the breakup,
It many times is difficult,
You wanna weep,
But, hold on and rise to earn,
Today’s night sleep.