Why the extra rupee? – The meaning behind the centuries old Shagun

       Shagun is Sanskrit word used for gifts given on auspicious occasions like wedding or when a child is born. In my country (India) , usually when money is given as shagun, an extra rupee is added to it.
    You will rarely hear that, we got 100 rupees or 1000 or 10,000 rupees as shagun. It is always 101 or 1001 or 10,001.
        This tradition has been forward for centuries (it is even older than Ramayan). And it is followed at every corner of society going from birthdays to weddings to business deals. Even again envelops have 1 rupee coin attached to them.


     So, what is so special about this tradition. It signifies something or just another superstition?
    It does have a very deep meaning attached to it. I understood it when I started learning programming languages (in computer science).
     The first programming language I learnt is C++. One day I asked my teacher why the name has plus plus sign. She smiled and told me that C++ had been inspired form C language (it is most important language). Intact C++ it’s actually a extension of C with many new and optimizing feature.
      And ++ is the sign off increment operation (used to increase value of variables by 1), therefore, C++ to signinfy C with improved features.
     This incident left me thinking and I associated with the extra rupee tradition and got answer to our question.
     The extras rupee signified a prayer to always keep improving in life. To always keep optimizing. It tell you that it is very good that you have a sea but you should always have thirst for new drops .
      Please don’t associate it with greed. It refers to always keep improving your innerself , your talents and abilities to ultimately improve the society.
     Thirst for improvement is very important in life. It is the only path that go to excellence in anything. Academics, sports, buissness , arts , every discipline you can name, anything you can think of, can be achieved or mastered only by the continuous process of improvement.
     Wherever you stoppes your strife your improvement, their your life will be stranded and you will reach nowhere.
     You may leave behind all your competition but one competition will always be there yourself. Try to beat yourself. Try to beat you previous record or performances. That is the way to improvement.
      All this wisdom hidden in a single rupee.
     The extra rupee may only get you an eclares(a toffe) , but it behold much more worth in its hidden wisdom.
     Lots of thanks to you for reading. More thanks for understanding the meaning behind the article. Because without meaning, it may worth not more than 1 rupee.
        Have a fun and healthy life and always keep improving.