Value of time in our daily life

    Time is considered as a very important source . As important as money. We have realized the importance of time in buisness , governance, management and all the major and minor fields.
   But we usually not think about this significant of time in our day to day life. We usually take time for granted. How many times have you had a thought like “let is do this tomorrow not today” , ” we will do it 5 minutes after. After all what does 5 minutes matter.”
    But 5 minutes too can matter. If you neglect them they may not affect your routine. If you utilise them properly they may save you from lot of trouble.
    Here, are some of my experiences where 5 minutes have mattered.
    In the morning usually Papa drops me collage. He insisted that we should leave by 7:40 am  . First day I delayed for just 5 minutes. It started a argument between us. I fail to understand what is so wrong if I am just 5 minutes late.
   Well I understood when we reach the circle of Dhaula Kuan( a busy intersection in Delhi, India). It was already full of buses and office going people. It took around 20 min to cross it and I was 10 min late for first period.
    Next day I ensured that we leave at exactly 7:40.
    With just going 5 min early we got much less traffic and empty Dhaula Kuan circle. I reached collage 15 min early. This incidence taught me an lesson with remembering.
     As I usually reach early, I started noticing who reaches the college first, second and so on. A ranking system formed in mranking
    I observed that ranking is someone can drop to 6 or 7 places by just 2 min delathathis may seem childish. But this is applicable on many other places in life like a race or FCFS services.
    Weather you are first out last may depend on 5 minutes.
   Do you know that according to a research an average person wasted around 6 years of his life doing nothing. How these wasted 5-5 minutes converts to 6 years is matter of awe.
    Think of you can utilise these wasted years to do something you love – read books, watch movies, spend time with your dear ones , won’t your life will have much more meaning.
    Avoiding these delays is not so difficult as it seems. tommy. t have to plan your day.
    Believe me just making even a rough time table with achievable targets can increase you productivity my 150%(2.5 times) and your happiness by 50%.
    Research of many years and experience of 100s of successful. It will  people is backing this fact.
      Try this you will feel this yourself. Today before going to bed make a checklist of things you want to achieve tommrow. It will hardly take 5 min. List may cointain anything . Even stupid things (like plans to irritate your sister). Make a resolve to beat it tomorrow. At the end of the list save 5 minutes to make targets for the next day.
      With time as this habit will become part of your daily routine you will be more productive, confident in yourself and a more happy person.
     Because there all will also be part of your daily routine.
      Thanks for reading. Have a happy and productive life.