Play the real game

    Poem for the people who find it hard to live reality and instead run to fantasy (like me).


Many world of fantasy
Are beautiful and fancy
Weather it is
Middle Earth in LOTR
Hogwarts in Harry Potter
Mystica in Fallen Kingdoms
Or war between 9 shieldons

All have something new ,something different,
Like elves, dwarves,orcs, demons or sea serpent.
Hours and hours of adventure over many lands.

there are awesome games
Only an ignorant will say
That they are for lames.
What feeling is better
Then  yourself fighting dragons
And write love letters.

Fight the evil bosses
Attack them with magic spells
Dodge when they  shoot
What more fun can be
To enjoy a great loot

It is impossible or difficult
When we do these in real
In reality
There is no auto save
There is danger and fear

Reality gives is only 1 life
Hard work has to be done
Not completed just by a swipe
What is done is done
You cannot say I shun.

That is difference in fantasy and life,
In danger
Fantasy is fun but life is a knife
That’s why many run away from reality
To find safety in a world of fantasy
We imagine it to be real
In fantasy you feel like a hero
There is nothing to make you fear

You may love this feeling
And hold it dear
But remember a thing
my friend!
At the end of the day
All this is NOT real.

That is not your world
That is not your home
Nothing exist there
That world is a myth
You are all alone.

Instead how about playing the real game
Your life is not at all a shame.
You are human, most intelligent being
The horizon of your possibilities cannot be seen

How life is less then game?
It has glory, it has fame.
And best part
These are as real as your name.

I not say stop fantasizing
It is the reflection of
Your feelings, your likings
But remember that
Just dreaming them
Will not put it under your hem.

To do that you need to play the game
For which you are born
Otherwise only you is to blame

The game of life may be difficult and boring
You may be tired,  may be frowning
But tell you a secret
Playing this game is to only ticket
To real gold, EXP , new skills and true fame
After all, achievers of real life
Are the inspiration for
Your favorite novels and games.

Fantasy wars – novels vs rpgs

       In every life, there comes a time when we have 2 have to choose something over other. We do it spoil the time but there are some decision which are as easy as right vs writing or average vs best. What if it is best vs best?
     There are four things in my life I want to do a lot.
Programming , Reading , Blogging and reading.
     From my experience and schedule I think I can fulfill only 3.
     Programming and Blogging is important for my self actualisation. They are not leavable.
     So left is reading novels or playing rpgs.
    What you think of better out of them?
I done a lot of thinking on this and reached a decision.
      I chose novels.
Why? Have a look at the following points.
1.   The first thing story and plot. RPGs even with a big map to explore cannot provide a strong or complex plot as in a book.
   A book author does not have to concern with programming a battle system or different skills, charterer level etc. He have to only focus on writing a good story. This allows him to create much complexer plot.
    No game can match the complexity of LOTR or’ Coin and dagger’ or Harry Potter etc.

2. Book character have much more emotional depth than that of RPGs. Many of the characters in RPGs are just numbers. They are just defined by their stats (like strength, defense) etc. and not by their emotions as a human being. You may want to contradict it. But less than 30% of rpg characters shows any real emotion.

3. Books provide much more choice and varieties than RPGs. For every rpg developer, there is more than 10 authors. So novels thousands more in numbers .
   Also novels provide many geners like fantasy, romance, science fiction, drama, historical and many more . Such variety is not at all present in RPGs.

4. Novels have much more mature written stories. They are true literature. Rpgs at the end of the day are games made for children around 12 years old.
   I have loved Rpgs in my teens. But as I have grown up. Rpgs feels like a little childish.

5. Rpgs take much more time, space and money.
   Of course an rpg occupy much more space in your device’s memory then an eBook. Space on an average eBook if around 350kb in comparison to 40 mb of an average rpg.
    Also they cost much more and you have to devote time for level grinding.
For many that will me more fun then books. But majority will consider it waste of time.

     Many of you may not agree with me. Even willing to debate to defend your favorite rpgs.
    But I want to tell you, I am myself a big fan of RPGs. I have loved them and have enjoyed 100 of hours of adventure in many realms.
    I will remember all the rpgs I have played till my last breath. But finally books have won.
    But in our generation we have got many more choices that have fused books and rpgs together. Choose Your Own Adventure games(like that of Choice of Games) and many visual novels like Lone Wolf Saga. These have best features of both.
     Adventure of RPGs combined with depth of books , is the true evolution of fantasy.
    Thanks for reading. Please spare a minute to express your views.