The gaps between

Looking at the clouds,
We feel a little drowsy,
Lazily moving in sky,
Away from things noisy.

Slowly gliding through the sky,
Smoothly and easily,
Don’t know when hours went by,
Makes the scene artfully.

After seeing some time,
After forgetting the world,
You will notice a rhyme,
A pattern will emerge.

A cloud cloud comes, it goes,
Another comes to fill its place,
This phenomenon almost foreclose,
Any chance of empty space.
Only just for a few seconds,
Blue sky is allowed a gaze.
Where sunlight can shine,
Across all the cloudy haze.

Here, exists a great metaphor,
Showing how our mind works,
Realizing what otherwise a slur,
Finding some great perks.

Replace clouds with thoughts,
In our big and complex mind,
They come and go in lots,
So much thinking can make us blind,

So, to think with clarity,
We may need a little sunshine,

Focus on the tiny divide,
Between the thoughts,
Where mind is a void,
Just an empty slot.

That is where magic happens,
There a great idea shapens,
The point of all thoughts adhesion,
It is worth atleast some admiration.

And great has become those,
Who have seen the sunshine,
In these void gaps,
A state of pure crystalline.

Einstine, Hawkins, Walt Disney,
Spend hours gazing at nothing,
It really does seems funny.

All the great discoveries,
Not happen when they are,
Deep in work with all furies,
But rather when the just relax,
Without all the wordly worries.

It doesn’t mean you just rest,
Always sleeping in your nest,
To enjoy the great fest,
You need to pass Karma test.
(Karma is hard work, you need to do)

After all, there can be no gap,
Without any cloud on sky map.