See beyond the eye

We learned a lot about the Moon, but what we really learned was about the Earth. The fact that just from the distance of the Moon you can put your thumb up and you can hide the Earth behind your thumb. Everything that you’ve ever known, your loved ones, your business, the problems of the Earth itself—all behind your thumb. And how insignificant we really all are, but then how fortunate we are to have this body and to be able to enjoy loving here amongst the beauty of the Earth itself.

— Jim Lovell, Apollo 8 & 13 astronaut, interview for the 2007 movie In the Shadow of the Moon

     Living your life on this planet can you keep everything behind your thumb. Can you say that everything around you or inside you is insignificant? Your family,  friends, your video games,  smartphone,  drawing book – your entire life. Can this all be insignificant?
         Of course not. Your life is a gift from almighty.  So are your family and friends.
       A single life can be so big,  so complex,  so much to discover.  Let this all be multiplied by 7 billion (population of the world). Earth has so much in it.  It has so many different experiences,  so many stories,  so many souls- so much worth.
          Yet an astronaut standing on moon sees what,  a small sphere which he can hide behind his thumb. All the people,  their stories,  history of millions of years can be hidden behind a thumb.
      Isn’t that amazing. It clearly proves the fact that there is much more to the universe that a naked eye can see.
     It is not important what we see,  how we see it and how we interpret it is important.
      Yesterday,  when I was going to attend a wedding,  our car got trapped in traffic jam. The jam was caused due to 3 buses that are taking two third of the road and moving with the speed of the sloth. It was really irritating.  Looking at the buses I remembered similar incident but that had happened in GTA Vice City(a violent video game).  At that time, I had got out of my car and blasted the f*****g bus with a rocket launcher.  That had felt awesome.  I imagined to do the same thing here also(thanks god Papa don’t keep rocket launcher in his car).
        The paint of the window panels of the bus was dark and I was not able to see inside the bus. But as our car move closer I saw a faint shadow of a mother with her child clutched to her inside the bus. Suddenly,  I realised what I was thinking a moment ago.  How wrong and sinful it will be.  In my guilt, I spent rest of the journey in silence.
       This incidence tells us that the human nature is such that we depends on our eyes too much. Eye is most important sense of human beings, but we should not forget what makes us human. Our rational thinking and our ability to understand beyond what our senses can tell us.
         Everything we see,  we hear,  taste, touch or feel has as much deeper meaning than it appears to be. I am sure you have heard the phrase ” behind the scenes “.
       Let us take an example of a hit movie.  Imagine that you are waiting for its screening in front of your tv. But before begging the screening they give a little intro of how the movie is made. How the writer got the inspiration for story? How the director imagined it? The hard work of the entire team.
         So the movie for which you just have to on tv have not dropped from the sky. It is the result of the passion and hard work of many which you can’t see.
       If you give a little thought to it, you will find that there are various levels of this behind the scenes. Like for the film hard work of the entire team along with latest technology is required. For this technology you require genius minds. And such geniuses can only be humans in this planet. For humans to live,  air, water and food is required. For these elements are required which comes from almighty himself.(all things lead to him in the end).
      The basic idea is we should not be blinded by our eyes(wow that sounds ironic).  There can be a whole world behind it.  Try to see beyond your eyes. May be you can find something worth appreciating.
        A thing that one of my teacher told me holds great value in my life. He told me ” Whenever you decide something is boring and not worth your time, Try to bear it  for just 10 minutes. And then decide again. I am sure you will find something interesting “
        I have experimented in many things and found it very true(like in reading or blogging or programming.  I love them now ).  It has helped me in many subjects which I should have despised.
       Everything weather how stupid it looks or how boring it feels,  is the creation of almighty and can have a great history or hard work of many.  Can such a thing cannot worth your time. Learn to appreciate these things.  Don’t be a fool to think that something is rubbish.
       Aesthetics is one of the basic and most important quality of human race.  If you can’t love something,  can’t appreciate something you will not be able to feel true happiness.  Even to master any discipline like history,  philosophy,  IT or physics,  you need to first learn to appreciate it.
          See any book of any subject weather sciences or humanities or arts anything,  in the initial chapter you will always find introduction or background or history of that subject. Why it is given? Why not directly come to the main topics. It is because they want to first capture your interest.  To tell you that it has not come out of the sky.  It has a history and hard work of many behind it. It is worthy of your attention.
        Try to be more than just a watcher.  Be an observer.  Be an interpreter.  Be aesthetic.  Try to look beyond your eyes. It will make you a better person as well as a better learner.
           With this let us end this article.  I hope you like it and you appreciate it’s meaning.  All the best for your life.


Experience the greatest rpg – your life

     RPG(role playing games) is a genere loved by many gamers. Weather it is Final Fantasy or pokemon or kemco games,  rpgs have found a place in the hearts of many.
    RPGs  are so popular because these games try to stimulate real life. In real life we need experience to achieve anything and experience is gained through hours of practice.
     RPGs stimulate this. Most of these games have a level and stats system. Each character have unique stats like strength,  vitality,  intellect,  magic etc.
When player wins a battle he is awarded some experience point that are added to the level bar and the bar increases. When level bar is maximized the character level is increased with that his stats also making. Intresting. Isn’t it.
        Gamers spend 10s of hours in winning more and more battles to gain experience. The rising level bar keeps them motivated. Maximizing the bar gives them immense satisfaction and motivation to carry on and on.
     Will it not be wonderful if we can bring this motivation in our real Lives. If we can visualise our goals or targets like bars. If we can create a stat system for us.
     This will keep us motivated always. It is proven that results that can be seen with naked eyes act as better motivater.
      But there is a basic problem. Most of our stats do not have a measure. Tell me how will you measure your health,  vitality or intelligence. You can say go for regular check ups or take it test every month. But these all are money and time consuming and may not worth your efforts. Also there is no measure for qualities like love,  compassion or will power. Is there?
      So what we do? What is the solution? We want a way that is simple, easy to understand,  effective and can measure anything.
      Answer is a simple application smartphone Raise the bar (link is for android search raise the bar for ios appstore)
        This is a goal tracking app but it has an additional feature that separates it from other such apps.
       It uses bar to track your goals. You can track by time (eg: how much hours I study) or by amount (no. Of pages etc.) and at last the feature I was talking about. A level up system.
     It is similar to the level up system. You can track things that usually have no measure or difficult to measure.
     Take this example. This is the screenshot of my stats.


   You can see the four bars that I track. Vitality,  will,  spirituality, Intellect. You can award yourself points whenever you do something positive related to what you are targeting.
   Like yesterday I was longing to eat ice cream but I control myself. So I awarded me a vitality point and will point. In the morning I did brush my teeth for full 2 minutes and was awarded 1 vitality point. Today I solve 20 math problems and was awarded 3 intellect point. I helped one of my friend in revision for tomorrow’s exam and was awarded 2 spiritual points. Isn’t it awesome.
     When bar is maximized you will gain a level and become a more healthy or more intelligent or improve your will power or become a better human being.
    These are stats that I have selected. You can select anything you want to improve in yourself. Weather it is creativity or any subject,  goodness or relationships with others. Your bad or good habits.  Anything that cannot me measured in meter,  kg or seconds. To understand this more clearly you can read
      I have tried this simple motivating technique personally. If you honestly follow it you will become better.
    There are many things in our life that do not look important and are neglected. Like do not brushing teeth properly may not affect in two or three days but what will you feel when you lose your teeth at ab early age.
      You may not help your friends in need and can lose them.
     These small small things may have negligence or no effects in short term but can ruin your life in the long run. As the result is slow and usually there is no immediate award there is a high chance that you will neglect or be demotivated to carry on with then.
    So this simple technique can keep you motivated and remind you of your targets.
   At first,  it may feel stupid but as you carry on it will become a game that will have tremendous awards in real life. It will help you achieve good habits that can change your life. (I have got more than 20 will points for not eating nails. Now I am never scolded for it)
    It is proven that humans tend to perform better when they have a challenge to conquer and a goal to reach.
   Also it will give you immense satisfaction and happiness when you level up that is a great prize in itself.
    The app is free. No need to buy pro version it just removes adds nothing special. It is easy to understand and use. It includes excellent tutorials for every function. Please check it out
Raise the bar (link is for android search raise the bar in ios appstore)
      It has changed my life for better. Hope the same for you.
    Heey,  I finally completed this article. I deserve atheist 2 will points. That takes be to level 6. Yipee
      Thank you for reading. Hope you like it. Please share your thoughts with us.


Path to speed and perfection is going slow

      Once I was viewing a serial on discovery turbo . It was showing how a racing car is prepared . Type real challenge for the staff team is not preparing car become the race but it is between the race . When some problems arises between the race like engine breakdown or racer needs better tyre , the team have top work really fast as each second is important . I was astonished how they can change a tyre in 12 seconds.
      In our lives we also try to do our work as fast as we can . After all time is money in today’s world and money is very important. I hope everyone agrees on this . Money is very very important . Everyone is running . Boss call , late to the meeting , late for the party , traffic jams , emergency or something else . Everybody is running , cursing and swearing to gods. Haste becomes routine of their life . Breakfast in 10 min , dress up in 15 min , f**k knot of this damm**s is not tied , boss will kick s**t out of me. Can you relate to any of this ? This has become decorum of urban lifestyle . But tell me are you happy with this? Are you satisfied with life of haste and cursing ?  Even you have accepted this life as part of urban lifestyle, are you able to do everything on time . Are you reaching office on time ? Do you still not captured in traffic jams ? Are you able to good time for your family and friends ?
       Of course not ? Then why do we live such lifestyle ? Why can’t we get time for everything we have to do or want to do? Where the problem lies? May be you have recognized the answer yourself.
     Answer is a Himaachali (dialect of Hindi spoken in the state of Himachal pradesh , India) word


This means that doing mistakes in confusion caused by unnecessary haste in anything .
     Take this example . My grandmother called me to bring her specks to watch her favourite saas bahu (family) serial . In haste I picked up the specks cover and give it to her . 2 minutes later she called me again . And complains that I have brought specks cover with no specks in it . In my haste I don’t even felt that weight of the specks cover is much less then out should be with the specks on it. Frustrated or not I have to go again .
       In unnecessary haste , I ended up wasting more time then this simple task have to take.
      You may counter that the example at the beginning process is opposite of it. But that example is not opposite , it supports this theory . Later in that serial , the host compete  with one of the member of staff team in changing tyres . In his haste sometimes he picked up the wrong screw our pot the screw in the wrong hole while the staff member completed the challenge in few breathes. So why 2 persons take do much different time periods in doing same work?
       The answer is obvious . The staff member has done this work may be thousands times before . He has mastered it with practise.
Later he told that in the bringing he used to take same time as the host . He makes easily avoidable mistakes in the haste . But his instructor advised him to go slow . Take all the time you want but try to understand things and try to do a perfect job. Don’t target for speed , target for excellence in your job. Speed will come in time
       These words can solve many problems on our lives . When we try to do our work in haste our thinking became hazy. We are not able to notice important details and make mistakes that can be easily avoidable otherwise . We end up taking more time and frustrating our self . This habit makes your daily life help but it can be dangerous in long run. It can hamper your career prospectus and your self confidence. It caused frustration , anger , regret which are not at all good for your health and your relationships .
      Now question arises how do we change this habit . How to go all slow. These ways may help you
1.Time management
       Manage your time well. Make a time table and follow it . This simple step can really do wonders to your productivity.
2.Remove your watch
         Put your watch in cupboard . Remove it from your phone’s home page. This works for many . The point is focus on the job in hand and not how much time is left.
3.Always be positive
         This is applicable to everything in life. Never think that you will not be able to reach your target in deadline. Believe in yourself . Believe in your abilities. As Lord Krishna says

do your work with honesty and dedication. Leave the result to me.

4.Aim for excellence and not for speed  
      Practise makes a man perfect. Everything requires hard work. You cannot be perfect in first time. Try to understand the logic and mechanics of the job. Speed is the prize of hard work. Aiming for speed from the beginning will only less to unnecessary errors. Be patient
5.Stealth may help you
         Have you ever watched a stealthy cat.? She ways for hours at one place to get her prey. This may help you also. Try to be stealthy in your day to day life. Do not make any sound whole you roam in your house. Do not let anyone notice you when you come from behind and do Boo . This can be a game as well as you deliberately work slow and perfect. Overtime you will pick this habit.
      This is all for this article. Like of you like it. Also share your thoughts. They are invaluable to us.


Patience and Passion – Key to success

        Sai Baba , a holy saint who has earned a place that equals god in the hearts of many. He has millions of followers in India and around the world.


     His teachings can be easily applied practical in day to day life.
He has given two virtues which guarantee success in anything you aim for .
     Shradha and Saburi
    Passion and Patience
   IF anybody has these 2 things he/she can achieve anything , whatever he/she desires , whatever his or her dreams are.
This is not a thing for which you can say “happens in fairy tales” or
“Looks good in saying , practical not possible” .
    I completely agree that it is difficult but it never can be impossible.
   Let us analyse passion first . What words came to your mind when you hear passion . Determination , motivation , will . Passion is much more than these. While these all are good for short term goals of your life . You need passion to achieve something big .
Passion is your insistence for your goals , your insistence to accept defeat .
      Passion is your battle with external and internal forces that hidden in the path to your goal. External forces like distractions , family or power pressure etc. Internal forces comes from within you like your ego , laziness , hesitation etc. You need to fight them to achieve your goal.
     There are various ways to fight them to develop and maintain your passion
1. Be positive always
       Look at everything with a positive altitude . Weather it is mockery or insults or criticism. Try to learn from everything . When you see positive on negative things , they will make you mentally stronger as well as will bring out your weaknesses and strengths.
2.Make sure you deserve it
       Put enough efforts to strive for your goals . Anything can only be obtained with hard work . You have no right to blame god or fate when out it is your fault . You cannot have passion along with guilt .
3. Try to take the right path always
      Try not to take any unethical path to achieve your goals. The wrong path will eventually harm you in some way or the other. You will never have satisfaction or peace of mind even if you will succeed . For more info on this you can read
4.You can always use technology
Search you smartphone’s app or play ( our any other) store for
goal tracking apps . When you visually see the bar of your goal rising , you will be motivated you carry on forwarded . Also you can judge are you upto the mark.
      The apps I use are and
A screen shot of first one


       You may have lots of passion but it may not be enough. You should keep Patience. Everything happens when its time comes


    Fate will not give you anything easily. First you have to show it that you deserve it . Patience is a virtue that can help you in everything in your life.
     Patient do not mean that you sit idle . You should keep doing your part . Keep striving for the goal . Don’t get upset when you don’t get desired result . Don’t leave anything just because of small defeats . Sooner or layer you will get what you deserve . Remember these words of Lord Krishna

Do not

worry about the fruit. That is my responsibility. Just keep doing your action.

      Patience is not just a virtue . It is wisdom . These are some simple ways to maintain patience in your journey to your goal.
1. Proper planning of time as well as other things
       Take time to first finale a plan of things. Make a note of things you need to do or what you need .
Analyse your goal . Find previously what you want . You don’t want to waste time chasing something not important . Make a priority list of things . Make a timetable or a to do list each day in the morning.
You know the best . Follow any method that work for you.
       Proper planning may take some initial time not will save a lot on the long run. Also , you will avoid confusion and unnecessary frustration.

2.Decompose or break your goals in small targets
        Small targets are easy to achieve . Completing them provides motivation and satisfaction . You will not rush for things . Also it makes your path flexible . You can change it when circumstances change without loosing much progress that you have made.
       This method more gaining great importance in corporate world . It can be applied to anything.
     You can use some goal tracking apps that can break down goals got you.
     I prefer this app . Search for smart goal tracker if your phone doesn’t run on android.
     A screen shot with weekly targets


3. Find time to rest and recreation

Rest if you must but don’t you quit

   You cannot work 24 hours a day. Take ample time to rest . Also , take time for recreation . Don’t suit idle for resting . You will only keep thinking about your work and will not rest your brain . Divert your mind a little . Take a walk in a park close to the nature . Take on some hobby painting , reading(it is best), chatting with friends , facebook our whatever you like. But beware never forget what your goal is . Don’t let any of this became a distraction.
      This is all  in this article . Passion and patience , virtues taught buy a saint many years back are actually much more than just sayings . They are art of living.
     I can draw only one conclusion from ask this . That mantra of success is no rocket science it is just 2 words.
    Shraddha aur Saburi
     Passion and Patience

    Thank you for reading this article . Please share your thoughts . They are invaluable to us.