The gaps between

Looking at the clouds,
We feel a little drowsy,
Lazily moving in sky,
Away from things noisy.

Slowly gliding through the sky,
Smoothly and easily,
Don’t know when hours went by,
Makes the scene artfully.

After seeing some time,
After forgetting the world,
You will notice a rhyme,
A pattern will emerge.

A cloud cloud comes, it goes,
Another comes to fill its place,
This phenomenon almost foreclose,
Any chance of empty space.
Only just for a few seconds,
Blue sky is allowed a gaze.
Where sunlight can shine,
Across all the cloudy haze.

Here, exists a great metaphor,
Showing how our mind works,
Realizing what otherwise a slur,
Finding some great perks.

Replace clouds with thoughts,
In our big and complex mind,
They come and go in lots,
So much thinking can make us blind,

So, to think with clarity,
We may need a little sunshine,

Focus on the tiny divide,
Between the thoughts,
Where mind is a void,
Just an empty slot.

That is where magic happens,
There a great idea shapens,
The point of all thoughts adhesion,
It is worth atleast some admiration.

And great has become those,
Who have seen the sunshine,
In these void gaps,
A state of pure crystalline.

Einstine, Hawkins, Walt Disney,
Spend hours gazing at nothing,
It really does seems funny.

All the great discoveries,
Not happen when they are,
Deep in work with all furies,
But rather when the just relax,
Without all the wordly worries.

It doesn’t mean you just rest,
Always sleeping in your nest,
To enjoy the great fest,
You need to pass Karma test.
(Karma is hard work, you need to do)

After all, there can be no gap,
Without any cloud on sky map.

Supreme wisdom = ‘You are nothing’

Someone advised me to read,
A book of supreme wisdom ‘Tantra’
It is my holidays, I was bored,
So what harm in trying another mantra.

Looking in your inside,
Sure is a experience,
That makes you mistified.
Your outer ego die
You starts to realise,
It was all just a lie.

This is the thing ,
That makes me anxious,
If my surroundings, my world,
Is a lie, am I also fictionous.

Among the mystics,
There is a saying,
You are like a onion,
Keep peeling it to reach the core,
You will be amazed when done,
The truth will stand out,
The size of core is none.

The concept of an inner core,
Of a self, of the word ‘I’,
Is just a myth, a tale, a lore,
Everything is a big big lie.

All those theories of physics,
Our universe can be 2D, or a game,
Makes me feel very sick,
Wealth, family, friends, power or dame,
Has no meaning, just a trick.

If universe is just nothing,
Then what is our purpose,
The goals to make millions,
Sending papa on a world tour,
Helping the needy civilians.

All just would me meaning less,
Whatever you do , doesn’t matter,
Whom to love, whom to impress,
You are void, when this dream shatters.

Drain the anger

Sometimes in a bad mood,
Even with our dear once,
we can act a little rude,
Ok ok, may be a lot rude.

Like a wishing from Grandma,
Full of childhood nicknames,
Even after you done diploma,
(you’r grown up)
Fills you with some old flames.

This feeling of anger,
is a big big danger,
Right from your health,
To closest relationships,
Can become‚Äč endanger.

So this has to be dealt with,
Before it gains control over you,
Before it finds your mind’s pith,
And it becomes a hollow bamboo.
(you are unable to think anything)

So how to find a way,
That keeps anger away,
So, for you life can lay,
A beautiful‚Äč every day.

There is a technique, I learn about,
That stop you when, feel like shout,
Simply just tire yourself somehow,
Drain yourself of that wild energy,
Use it for something, make you proud.

A great weakness of anger,
It needs lots of energy,
To keep your mind, a boiler,
Cut out this ancillary,
Your emotions will be milder.

Go out for a run,
Jump on a trampoline,
Do a difficult math problem,
(that also drains energy)
Understand what I mean.

This may be a little trick,
For sure, difficult at first,
But, easy after some ticks(time),
Help you cope with outburst,
And you may never get sick

Will become part of your routine,
You will be wondered,
At the sudden change of scene (of your life)
You will become, more savvy, less mean,
It has worked for me,
Like my personal, psychology dean.

My mother’s death

I still remember the day,
The weather was nice,
I think it was Sunday,
A lazy day to spend on a vise.

A child of eighth standard,
Enjoying his chocolate milk,
Without much worry of the world,
Life as smooth as cloth of silk.

But ,alas,
all good things ends,
The absolute law,
Fate’s general trends.

This lesson,
The child was about to learn,
His life was going to take,
A hard and dramatic turn.

His mother starts coughing,
She a patient of Asthma,
Felt problem in breathing.
Child still not worried,
As, father was with mother,
He will take care of everything,

But, papa can do so much,
Sometimes, it takes more than,
A dear’s love magic touch,
Not a would, healed by a kiss,
Mother’s lung needs a crutch,
A machine to filter oxygen,
His mother need much.

But ,alas,
Even machines are no match,
To almighty ‘Yama’, god of death.
The child now realises the situation,
Rush to his mother’s side,
First time felt real desparation.

Entire family was in the room,
Not for dinner, just gloom,
Papa constantly checking heart beat,
As high as that of an athlete.

That sounds like a compliment,
But mother is thin and weak,
Sign of fate’s dreadful intent,
Like a slaughter house’s reek.

She complains of great restlessness,
Child feel something foul has commence,
Her body starts getting cold,
Child looks desparatly to father,
For sign of some hope,
Got an equally desparate look rather.

With nothing to do ,
He start rubbing her feat.
Against lord Yama,
He refused to accept defeat.

What a child can do,
Mother grew unconscious,
She spoke quickly to him,
Don’t cry little mister,
I will be alright, if you promise,
Never to fight your sister.

Before child can take the vow,
Mother grew unconscious,
No way now, to let mother know,
As these words will be remembered,
As last of her voice heard.

Heartbeat declined rapidly,
Child grew anxious by the moment,
Cusred himself for being lazy,
In first aid class of CPR remitence.

She grew pailer by the moment,
Then the siren sounds,
Ambulance took his mother,
Away from all bounds,
Never to return to him,
Across umcimbable mounds.

What can a child do,
Has no control over death.
Except one thing,
Wish of her last breath.

So, I look to the sky,
And made this resolve,
Never ever to shy,
From hard work, even absolve,
To protect my sister from every cry,
I will be strong and brave,
This will be my good bye.

Need to write

Haven’t written a post
For quite some time.
With collage, project and coaching
Schedule is nine to nine.
With the busy life
Drifting like a leaf in gale
On the top, it is cold
Makes my heart pale.

Got 15 minutes
Before I rush to coaching
I really need to write.
But a poem need time and devotion
You cannot just glide.
So stop the search for a good idea
Just write, what comes to my mind.
Love it or shove it.
It is you to decide.

Thanks for reading!!!


Call of the profession


The society that we live in,
Is possible due to
Doctors, teachers , fires person
And all different professions.

Many people work hard,
So, we don’t need
To live like a bard.
This hardwork is backbone of system
That keeps our life in rhythm.

So work you do for a living,
Is also something, you are giving.
Your profession is very important,
Weather sweeper, fireman or accountant.

Your profession may be boring,
Waiting something interesting to happen
So open your ears,
And hear the call of profession.

Apart from doing you daily work,
There is another duty that lurk.
Spreading happiness through your profession,
Can provide an additional perk.

Take example of me
A student of IT
LOVE not only programming
And geek nerd.
But also how IT,
Shapes our world.

I try to use my knowledge,
For helping people in lockage (confusion).
Weather Papa needing to
Sort his documents
Or, our milk maid needing a
Divine wallpaper for penance.

History is witness of the prose.
Every profession has started,
To support a good cause.
Use you skills for benifit of society,
Doing so will gain you
Skill refinement , practical knowledge
And of course mind free from anxiety.

You will gain peace and satisfaction,
Many people’s love and affection,
And respect in your possession faction.

So all the best,
Achieve your career goals,
But never forget  in being aspirational
The meaning of a true professional.

Friends-the realisation

Better part of my childhood
I spent at home
Away from the outside
Conform was my life’s norm.

Youngest in the family
A life was a shown
All the love and care
I shared alone.

Felt I don’t need anyone
Complete with the family
Need nothing more
Life was full of fun.

Don’t have any good friends
As a kid
Now, I feel the regret
Of what I did.

Got true friends,
Only in the 6th standard,
Even then for many years
I do not share their cheers.

Seeing the high school aminie
I so want to live
Again that years many.
Where I can share
Dreams , favorite movies
Crushes and fantasies.
And take memorable memories
Along my life’s breeze.
Now is too late,
Nothing can be done
With any amount of please!!

Now I understand the importance of friends,
They are your peers, with them you hang (hang out)
Nothing can be equal to ,be part of a gang.

So, dear reader
Never miss an opportunity
To make another friend
Because who knows
What is the life’s next bend.