On my 20th birthday- best gift trust of papa


Your birthday, my dear son, recalls every time,

Every odd turns to, dear Piyush, a happy pastime.

Difficulties always stand in our path, not to melt,

Not to break our will our spirit but to rise sublime.

You took normal birth, but in operation theatre,

A sign to reduce toughest exigency at a low ebb.

Higher the mountain higher to be our aspiration,

To gain the summit, keep rise, to cross the web.

Woeful plight of gone year faced at with brave,

Made you stronger against all toughs of life ever.

Keep the spirit, shine like the polar star, be happy,

Your life blossom like roses, fructify flavour.
Many many happy returns of the day, Oh! dear,

Live for thousands years ever with beaming face.

A computer lover, a blogger, always creative guy,

Wish you all the felicities of life with God’s grace.

                      by : Prakash Chander Gupta

                            (My father)

    A beautiful poem written for me by my papa, the person I love the most, the person I trust the most.
   It is the my best birthday gift. Even best than my Xperia Z1.
   Why because it does Papa’s changing view of me. He is now not looking at a child who went in his lap every time he has some problem. Nor a teenager who needs his guidance at every corner. He sees a mature adult who can take his own responsibility. Who knows what he needs to do? Who is not his burden rather his strength?
      I owe papa very much. He just not took care of my financial needs. Rather he is my flashlight who guided. He is the one who helped me reasons my love for pretty programming. He is the one who encouraged me for writing.( my english till 3rd was really weak. I now understand the worth of those hours of translation and grammer lessons).
      Form big things to small things like showing me bus routes to collage to helping me in studying Maths(he has not studied the collage level maths. He studied now just for me).
     Now, when I am old enough I am keen on returning something. I have realised the best thing I can return him is pride and happiness that a parent get on setting his/her child winning in life. Satisfaction that his parenting was right.
      This is one of the main reason I started blogging. I loved the emotions on his face when I told his I have reached more than 25 followers (lots of thanks to all my followers).
    Well, it is just a beginning. I still have to learn a lot to be able to take all his responsibilities. Thankfully, I have papa and that is more than enough.
     Thank typo for reading. Always remember what type parents means to you and what you mean to them.

Java is everywhere

      It is an interesting quote I read while installing Java on my laptop. We have heard ‘God is everywhere’. But how java can be everywhere. In the present world it can?
        Java is the programming language that is being used to programme almost every device. See around you. The computer or tablet or phone on which you are studying this post is programmed java. The web browser you are using uses java. All smart TVs have java. iOS or android or windows or Mac uses java. Their apps are built using java. Linux OS is entirely based on java. The new trend of smarter watched wiulw not have been possible without java.
     Java resides in many things around you. From your washing machine to your phone, computer, traffic lights, internet , even on your car.
    The best of java is in the fact that it is the best Object Oriented Language. That means it is best to represent the real world things and their attributes .
Like a dog is a real world thing and barking is one of its attributes.
     Java have excellent security mechanisms for the body machine. Most important it is easy to learn and is completely free. So after the softwares needed like Netbeans IDE.  It is available to anyone with the will to learn.
     If you are interested try this
   It may not relate to kind of things I blog. But java had become an I indispensable part of my life. I just wanna share it. After all java is hidden to make eyes but it is everywhere .
     May be even God  is using java to programme the universe. (like Matrix reloaded).