Call of the profession


The society that we live in,
Is possible due to
Doctors, teachers , fires person
And all different professions.

Many people work hard,
So, we don’t need
To live like a bard.
This hardwork is backbone of system
That keeps our life in rhythm.

So work you do for a living,
Is also something, you are giving.
Your profession is very important,
Weather sweeper, fireman or accountant.

Your profession may be boring,
Waiting something interesting to happen
So open your ears,
And hear the call of profession.

Apart from doing you daily work,
There is another duty that lurk.
Spreading happiness through your profession,
Can provide an additional perk.

Take example of me
A student of IT
LOVE not only programming
And geek nerd.
But also how IT,
Shapes our world.

I try to use my knowledge,
For helping people in lockage (confusion).
Weather Papa needing to
Sort his documents
Or, our milk maid needing a
Divine wallpaper for penance.

History is witness of the prose.
Every profession has started,
To support a good cause.
Use you skills for benifit of society,
Doing so will gain you
Skill refinement , practical knowledge
And of course mind free from anxiety.

You will gain peace and satisfaction,
Many people’s love and affection,
And respect in your possession faction.

So all the best,
Achieve your career goals,
But never forget  in being aspirational
The meaning of a true professional.

NVC(Non Violent Communication)

We all want a peaceful life
But some things may be a knife
Little battles in the family
Over lost sox or kid like insensibly
We fight very sentimentally
At least see the reason,
What happened to our mentality?
Small things not worth our attention
Becomes reason for relation anhiliation.

So what is the solution
How to avoid
Unnecessary confrontation
What we need in our life
Is a simple correction
For the sake of your bonds
Opt for Non Violent Communication

A simple technique inspired form Gandhi,
Is the art of avoiding everyday frustration,
Caused by non important reasons,
But for our happiness become a adulteration.

The technique based on the principle of empathy,
Consists of 4 steps, only a little lengthy,
But has its adbantage and no penalty.


First, Observe
What is troubling you,
What act of other,
Troubles you so much,
That you wanna curse his mother,
But wait, don’t fall for the bait,
Shut your mouth before too late,
Rather proceed to second state.

Your feelings,
Towards this dealing,
Analyse type emotions,
Anger, despair or frustration
That arise in you
By seeing the other’s action,
What emotions you get,
Are usually the mirror,
Of your behaviour outlet.

Understand the need,
By which your feelings lead,
Every human emotion,
Is the result of a certain need,
Weather attention, hunger,
Love, sex or even greed.
We get angry or frustrated
When some of them,
We cannot meet.
If you know your needs and expectations,
You may also understand other’s reason
Behind his or hers actions.

Last step in most important,
Once you understand your distress,
And expectations from others
Convey to them as a simple request.
Be polite and understating,
Rather then, harsh and demanding.
Keep your ego on a side,
And explain your need with a calm mind,
So that they can also find,
What actions of theirs, do you mind.

The steps are simple,
Even are just common sense,
But anger can blog your senses do much,
You view everything, with the hatred lens.

Practice this checklist,
Observe, feelings, need and request
To bind you resolution in a way
In which terms of both are best.
Do not let your negetavity win,
This, is your final test.
At last, just All d best😊😊
For more info on NYC vist this wikipedia page

My real happiness

That feeling called happiness

For which we all work hard
May study long hours
May live like a bard
Or may drink alcohol
And take morphing
So today we
Remember no sad thing

Happiness is the thing, our final aim
For some it is respect, charity
For others it is wealth and fame
Whatever the definition for you
The feeling always remains the same

I am not here to lecture you
On what happiness should be to you
I am here writing this poem to share
What happiness in my sense is fair.

So lend me your ears my friends
I want to tell you ,my happiness trends

I am youngest in a joint family
Bua, dadi , sister, Papa
Everybody form heart loves me

I have latest Android phone
With vaccines at right time
I am not at all disease prone
In studies I get good grades
And get to pull my sister’s braids

I am healthy, I have fun
I like to party, I like to learn
But still feel that
My real happiness
Have still not begun.

You may think, I am over demanding
But fact is that, I want to be commanding
Being youngest in my living family
I have been sheltered from any anomly.
I may be intelligent and strong willed
But it is of no use with my family shield.

So what I truly want
Is not just love and dance
I want to grow from this seedling
Into a giant tree
That sheds the entire shant

When I look at the sunlight
I get that feeling of peace
Feeling of the  strength
That can make your
Enemies ,fall on their knees

With such power and position
You are free to carry any operation
That makes you any your family
Happy and satisfied to saturation

I want such power,
I want such strength
That allows you to
Protect family and friends.

Imagine a scene,
You are sitting on sofa, reading a newspaper
Your wife is decorating, cake from best local baker
Your beautiful daughters manic rangoli with rangoli shaper
And listening music in smartphone of best mobile maker.
Seeing this you feel so peaceful
For a live so very gleeful
Your family to you is so thankful

You love them
They love you back
Tell me a thing
Such a life lack
When your job, back balance
Family life or spiritual trance
Are on the right track
When you can say a friend in trouble
I have got your back.
Then, sitting on sofa
Enjoying a cup of coffee
Will give me so much satisfaction
The happiness now will be a fraction.

I will have love, money and career
Between me and my soulmate
Children , siblings , father and elders
There will be no barrier.

I know achieving all this
Will be very hard at least
But for that kind of bliss
My efforts will never get a miss.

I will face all hurdles that come up
Afterall I have many to back me up

I will be like my father
Who is my family’s pillar
Papa, you will call me your honeydew
When I will become the true heir of you

All the readers, really thank you!

It will really lovely of you to share what happiness means to you.

A song to spread awareness about dangers in interments

इस गीत को “ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगो”

ऐ ग्रीनपावर के सदस्यो, गोलगपों में भर लो पानी,
जो निवेश किया है उसकी जरा पता करो कहानी।

जब मालुम हुआ परोजैक्ट, बन गये सदस्य झटपट,
35 लाख बता के इक घरौंदे की सुनवा दी आहट।
लोन जुटाने को फिर शुरू हो गई थी खींचातानी,
जो निवेश किया है उसकी जरा पता करो कहानी।

स्टरकचर खड़ा होते ही किमत 30 फिसदी बढ़ाई,
डिफालटर होने की भैया फिर ही तो नौबत आई।
देरी से भुगतान पर ब्याज ने याद दिलाई है नानी,
जो निवेश किया है उसकी जरा पता करो कहानी।

बिलडर ने जो देरी की है काम पूरा करने में भारी,
सब करते क्यों नहीं हक खातिर लड़ने की तैयारी।
देरी के मुआवजे के लिये आवाज है सदस्यो उठानी,
जो निवेश किया है उसकी जरा पता करो कहानी।

कोर सदस्य क्यों चुप बैठ कर देख रहे हैं तमाशा,
झुठी सच्ची कुछ तो  इस गरूप को दे दो दिलासा।
समस्या हल करने की खातिर बात कर लो सयानी,
जो निवेश किया है उसकी जरा पता करो कहानी।
                         – श्री प्रकाश चंद्र गुप्ता
                           (मेरे पिताजी )
Note  : more paras r invited for this song.

Play the real game

    Poem for the people who find it hard to live reality and instead run to fantasy (like me).


Many world of fantasy
Are beautiful and fancy
Weather it is
Middle Earth in LOTR
Hogwarts in Harry Potter
Mystica in Fallen Kingdoms
Or war between 9 shieldons

All have something new ,something different,
Like elves, dwarves,orcs, demons or sea serpent.
Hours and hours of adventure over many lands.

there are awesome games
Only an ignorant will say
That they are for lames.
What feeling is better
Then  yourself fighting dragons
And write love letters.

Fight the evil bosses
Attack them with magic spells
Dodge when they  shoot
What more fun can be
To enjoy a great loot

It is impossible or difficult
When we do these in real
In reality
There is no auto save
There is danger and fear

Reality gives is only 1 life
Hard work has to be done
Not completed just by a swipe
What is done is done
You cannot say I shun.

That is difference in fantasy and life,
In danger
Fantasy is fun but life is a knife
That’s why many run away from reality
To find safety in a world of fantasy
We imagine it to be real
In fantasy you feel like a hero
There is nothing to make you fear

You may love this feeling
And hold it dear
But remember a thing
my friend!
At the end of the day
All this is NOT real.

That is not your world
That is not your home
Nothing exist there
That world is a myth
You are all alone.

Instead how about playing the real game
Your life is not at all a shame.
You are human, most intelligent being
The horizon of your possibilities cannot be seen

How life is less then game?
It has glory, it has fame.
And best part
These are as real as your name.

I not say stop fantasizing
It is the reflection of
Your feelings, your likings
But remember that
Just dreaming them
Will not put it under your hem.

To do that you need to play the game
For which you are born
Otherwise only you is to blame

The game of life may be difficult and boring
You may be tired,  may be frowning
But tell you a secret
Playing this game is to only ticket
To real gold, EXP , new skills and true fame
After all, achievers of real life
Are the inspiration for
Your favorite novels and games.

Visions of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is the 11th president of India. According to many(including me) he is the most successful and eligible president India has ever had.
    A career scientist he became president in 2002. He has worked in DRDO and ISRO. He is the founder of India’s missile program making India self sufficient in ballastic missiles. Hence , he is known as the Missile Man of India.
       His greatness of not in any title but his visions of how to live life. These visions are the path to become an entrepreneur

1.  “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”

2. “All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.”

3.  “Failure will never overtake me if my definition to succeed is strong enough”.

4.  “Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.”

5.  “If you want to shine like a sun. First burn like a sun.”  

6.  “It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone”

7.  “All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

8. ” Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.”

9.  “Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.” 

10.  ” Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you can’t fail. ”

                  -All by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Value of time in our daily life

    Time is considered as a very important source . As important as money. We have realized the importance of time in buisness , governance, management and all the major and minor fields.
   But we usually not think about this significant of time in our day to day life. We usually take time for granted. How many times have you had a thought like “let is do this tomorrow not today” , ” we will do it 5 minutes after. After all what does 5 minutes matter.”
    But 5 minutes too can matter. If you neglect them they may not affect your routine. If you utilise them properly they may save you from lot of trouble.
    Here, are some of my experiences where 5 minutes have mattered.
    In the morning usually Papa drops me collage. He insisted that we should leave by 7:40 am  . First day I delayed for just 5 minutes. It started a argument between us. I fail to understand what is so wrong if I am just 5 minutes late.
   Well I understood when we reach the circle of Dhaula Kuan( a busy intersection in Delhi, India). It was already full of buses and office going people. It took around 20 min to cross it and I was 10 min late for first period.
    Next day I ensured that we leave at exactly 7:40.
    With just going 5 min early we got much less traffic and empty Dhaula Kuan circle. I reached collage 15 min early. This incidence taught me an lesson with remembering.
     As I usually reach early, I started noticing who reaches the college first, second and so on. A ranking system formed in mranking
    I observed that ranking is someone can drop to 6 or 7 places by just 2 min delathathis may seem childish. But this is applicable on many other places in life like a race or FCFS services.
    Weather you are first out last may depend on 5 minutes.
   Do you know that according to a research an average person wasted around 6 years of his life doing nothing. How these wasted 5-5 minutes converts to 6 years is matter of awe.
    Think of you can utilise these wasted years to do something you love – read books, watch movies, spend time with your dear ones , won’t your life will have much more meaning.
    Avoiding these delays is not so difficult as it seems. tommy. t have to plan your day.
    Believe me just making even a rough time table with achievable targets can increase you productivity my 150%(2.5 times) and your happiness by 50%.
    Research of many years and experience of 100s of successful. It will  people is backing this fact.
      Try this you will feel this yourself. Today before going to bed make a checklist of things you want to achieve tommrow. It will hardly take 5 min. List may cointain anything . Even stupid things (like plans to irritate your sister). Make a resolve to beat it tomorrow. At the end of the list save 5 minutes to make targets for the next day.
      With time as this habit will become part of your daily routine you will be more productive, confident in yourself and a more happy person.
     Because there all will also be part of your daily routine.
      Thanks for reading. Have a happy and productive life.