The electron on which forms and world are built
Leaped into being a porticle of God,
A spork from the eternol Energy split,
It is the infinite’s blind minute abode.

In that small flaming chariot shiva rides
The One devised innumerably to be;
His oneness in invisible forms he hides
Time’s tiny temples of eternity.

Atom and molecule in their unseen
Buttress on edifice of strange onenesses,
Crystal and plant, insect and beast and man,
Man of whom the World-Unity shall seize,

Widening his soul-spark to an epiphany
Of the timeless vastness of Infinity
                               – By Sri Aurbindo

           Saw this outside a peaceful temple. Got a feeling of safety on reading this. So sharing it to spread the feeling


A funny add


     See the spelling mistakes. lol. 😂😂 is a advertisement pamphlet of a beautician working near my house.
    She is daughter of a house maid.
  Many like her who do not have access to higher education due to financial condition of their families , instead opts for such professions that they can start to earn after a few months training.
       They are also not bad in their work. They seems to be quiet trained in their work from the reviews I have got.
    But their English may not be that good.
   That’s why you will find funny adds like this.
    May be it is a promotional strategy. If it is, I must say it is a good one (attracts attention).😂😂

The irony of hunger

        Will most of the things that comes to WhatsApp is rubbish. But some messages may force you to think. Some may even force you to doubt the ways you live and perceive life. One such message is this

      भोजन और प्रसाद में बस इतना अंतर है कि….
भोजन थाली भर भर लेते हें और छोड़ देते हें…
प्रसाद जमीन पर भी गिर जाये तो उठा कर खाते हें…..

” भोजन को प्रसाद मान लें तो कभी  बर्बाद न हो”………
“इतना ही लें थाली में, व्यर्थ न जाए नाली में”
English translation
There is only one different between Parsad and food. People fill their plates with much for. Even then they threw it. But they even eat a single grain of parsad that had fallen on the ground.
    Waste plates of food but can’t let a single grain of parsad be wasted.
   If we can assume normal food is Parsad, then nobody will sleep hungry in this world “

Parsad ,in Hinduism, is food that is offered to God as a tribute for  his blessings. When god has taken a small share (or we assume good has taken it) , the remaining is returned to devotees

   Parsad has great significanse in this great religion. Parsad is given to us by God himself/herself. It is a form of his blessing.
      You cannot refuse it even if you have diabetes (parsad is usually sweet).  And wasting it is considered a sinful act. I have seen people picking Parsad from the floor that has mistakenly fallen and eating.
     This is the kind of respect we give to parsad. Because it is considered blessings of god in the form of food. And who will want to waste that?
   On the other hand, we are not so respectful to normal food. Why? Because it is normal. It doesn’t give any divine blessing. So we take it for granted. We fill our plates with everything and eat what we like and test goes in dustbin.
      Is this right?
Of course not. Do you know that 805 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, almost one in nine, were suffering from chronic hunger.
    3.1 million children die every year due to under nourishment. That is 41%of total children’s death every year.

    ….While the irony is that the world produce enough for everyone. It is a fact started by UN.
    For the world as a whole, per capita food availability has risen from about 2220 kcal/person/day in the early 1960s to 2790 kcal/person/day in 2006-08.
    So why do many people go hungry? Why do many children die for to under nourishment?
     That is because the good you waste. That good I waste, we skill waste. Approximately, one-third that is 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year.  
    Is this not a very disturbing fact?
  The food is the fuel of human body. It takes on many resources like water oxygen, fertilizers, sweat of our farmers and many more to grow.
      It is the life itself. And does life is not a blessing of the Almighty? So how normal food can be less than any Parsad? And it in okay of this blessing goes into dustbin or down that drain? Would you also treat Parsad like this?
        I remember when I was a kid I usually lift my meals incomplete. Seeing this my grandmother used to tell me “it is not right. Every chapati, every grain of rice, every spoon of dal have Anndevta (God of food) sitting in it. If I wasted anything he will get angry. It will be an utter disrespect for him.
If you will waste him, then he will waste you.
     This meal you are eating is very precious. There are thousands of people who will kill for it.”
      At that time I thought it was just a bluff that were told to children. But growing up I realized most of our is true.
      Food we eat is no leads than blessing of God. So it is Parsad in every sense.
     Therefore, we should never take it for granted. We should respect it as we respect Parsad. It is NOT wastable.
     Pledge now that you will never waste good. Learn to estimate how much estimate how much food is actually required in your home. Eat to live and not live to eat.
      Even if something is left, try not let it decompose and not throw out. Try that it teach and needy. Also spread awareness about it.
      Believe me , it will be the true devotion  of the Almighty. It will give much more blessings than eating Parsad.
      Hope you liked this article and take something with you before closing your screens.
     May God bless you. (You know now how he solo. Don’t you?)


There is always something to give

      The novel ‘Shadowfell’ may be only all average teenage fantasy novel. But a thing that I liked about it is the like ‘there is always something to give’.
     The protagonist tried to give always give something to a needy even if she was herself one.
     But this seems possible in a story only.
     Have you heard a begger giving something to help someone. Or a bankrupt company investing in another company? I haven’t.
   How can we give something if we have nothing ourselves?
    With this thought another thing I remembered. It was said by a Pandit in some Shanti Paath( a Hindi ritual ceremony).
     The topic was levels of helping.
The art of helping can be along 3 levels

1. In the First level , we directly help others by giving some materialistic resource. It can be financial or non financial or physical help.
     Like you give your friend a ride to home. Or give some money to help a poor or help an blind man to cross the road. 
    This is the highest and most punya( your goodness count of Karma) awarding as you give some resources (time, money , others) that may be
useful to you in this life or Right now.

2. Well if you are as good as the needy person , you still have the second level. You can talk to will You can say condition words to release some of hours tension.
     It may not solve his problems but at least his inner feeling will trouble him less. 
     If you have nothing material to give use your words. Motivate him to face the problem. Don’t let them think negatively. May be this is what he needs. May be sing a song for him.
      This level awards less punya points then first level.

3. If you can’t even do this. Because of any reason like cultural differences or this is not the place for you talk or you think that the person may misunderstand your words and intensions . Or you are far far away. But you soul wanna help.
    One thing you can still give. A small prayer. Pray to the god which ever you beleive in. Pray for him to be victorious in facing the problem.
     You can always pray and it hold value. If you cannot help directly ask God to do it. This is the last you can do.
    May be it not seen enough. But something is better then nothing.
      It awards the punya points but already you will be satisfied that you have donr something. And you will also show gods that you have the spirit to help those in need .
      This process that there is always something to give even when you have nothing.
      Here ends this post. Hope you like it. I will pray for you.

Sex and the country.

     India is a great nation with diverse cultures and heritage. Some traditions are so strong they govern every part of our life. (though we usually find a way around then°°).
     The Indian society traditionally restricts almost everything about sexual issues. From public display of affection to simple tasks about several issues. And of course, sex only after marriage.
    I agree that these laws have protected people especially children
and teenagers for centuries. But, the world has greatly changed with time. But these laws have remain as it is.
    Sexual topics may be uncomfortable to talk about. But they are one of the greatest truth of being human.
    Curiosity of a growing youngster towards them is as natural as the existence of moon and earth.
    But in a society like India where even talking about them is prohibited due to so called lajja , youngsters find no one to guide them. In many cases, nothing like sec education doesn’t even exist .
      When I was in 8th standard there was a chapter in out bio book ‘How babies are born’. It was devoted to process of reproduction and changes that occur when a child grows. All about sex , precautions and related matter.
      But out teacher don’t even touched it. It was thrown out of the syllabus and was never discussites
      However, almost every student in the class had read out thoroughly. You can think what meanings would children have taken out of it.
       Time has changed. Now there are many other sources for gaining information ( like internet of course). But the problem is they don’t provide the right guidance. Will you use porn sites for your child’s SRC education???
        This can lead them to take some highly unethical actions. More than 27000 rapes have been recorded in the country in year 2014. Many of them are brutal gang rapes. Many men on a single innocent woman (what could be more cruel). Most of them don’t even know how to have sec properly. They are highly immature. Rape is like an experiment for them (how pathetic).
    These are destroying the name of the country. Questions are being raised on our culture, out heritage. What will I make out of it. That lajja sucks.
    As a child becomes teenager and than an adult, the needs of the body changes. He/she wants the company of opposite sex. (who doesn’t want a girl friend). But, since it is prohibited many ended up killing their instincts and many develop instincts of demons.
      In old times, marriages often happened at a very early age. But, as urbanisation increases , do for the average age of marriage as many opted for graduation and post graduation. Since, sex before marriage is considered sinful many find hard to satisfy their newfound attraction to opposite sex.
      Like, I am 20. Am american boy of my age may have had sex at least 10 times. And I will most probably have my first seed at around 28.(8 years of waiting ¡!!!¡!!!!!)  .
     It is not that I don’t like my country. I will always be proud of being an Indian. But , sometimes …. I want a little more freedom.
     The culture and heritage of our country is one of the greategreatest and most value based in the world. But, nothing can be entirely perfect. Only one thing is constant in this universe , that is , change
      And I am happy that this change is happening. Indians are becoming more aware of sexual issues and realising the importance of propped sec education. (I am writing this blog with papa sitting beside me. He knows what I am writing)
      Indians are very adjustable and adaptive. I belive we will soon find some jugad for this problem also.
      Thank you for reading. Now good night and sleep tight.

Why the extra rupee? – The meaning behind the centuries old Shagun

       Shagun is Sanskrit word used for gifts given on auspicious occasions like wedding or when a child is born. In my country (India) , usually when money is given as shagun, an extra rupee is added to it.
    You will rarely hear that, we got 100 rupees or 1000 or 10,000 rupees as shagun. It is always 101 or 1001 or 10,001.
        This tradition has been forward for centuries (it is even older than Ramayan). And it is followed at every corner of society going from birthdays to weddings to business deals. Even again envelops have 1 rupee coin attached to them.


     So, what is so special about this tradition. It signifies something or just another superstition?
    It does have a very deep meaning attached to it. I understood it when I started learning programming languages (in computer science).
     The first programming language I learnt is C++. One day I asked my teacher why the name has plus plus sign. She smiled and told me that C++ had been inspired form C language (it is most important language). Intact C++ it’s actually a extension of C with many new and optimizing feature.
      And ++ is the sign off increment operation (used to increase value of variables by 1), therefore, C++ to signinfy C with improved features.
     This incident left me thinking and I associated with the extra rupee tradition and got answer to our question.
     The extras rupee signified a prayer to always keep improving in life. To always keep optimizing. It tell you that it is very good that you have a sea but you should always have thirst for new drops .
      Please don’t associate it with greed. It refers to always keep improving your innerself , your talents and abilities to ultimately improve the society.
     Thirst for improvement is very important in life. It is the only path that go to excellence in anything. Academics, sports, buissness , arts , every discipline you can name, anything you can think of, can be achieved or mastered only by the continuous process of improvement.
     Wherever you stoppes your strife your improvement, their your life will be stranded and you will reach nowhere.
     You may leave behind all your competition but one competition will always be there yourself. Try to beat yourself. Try to beat you previous record or performances. That is the way to improvement.
      All this wisdom hidden in a single rupee.
     The extra rupee may only get you an eclares(a toffe) , but it behold much more worth in its hidden wisdom.
     Lots of thanks to you for reading. More thanks for understanding the meaning behind the article. Because without meaning, it may worth not more than 1 rupee.
        Have a fun and healthy life and always keep improving.