Test or Trouble

When things go wrong,
And you must be strong,
Never you dare cry,
It is a week’s song.

Be as hard as stone,
Face all troubles alone,
When fall, don’t just moan,
Stand up, grow some bone.

This is what we are taught,,
Only way, success can be bought,
Asking for help, makes you rot,
Not worth if it is, an easy shot.

This, seems like a noble precept,
A great way in society to gain respect,
And it is, but sometimes,
We forget, a very important fact.

No need to tread a difficult path,
Just because it is difficult,
No need to alone face fate’s wrath,
Does it really have that worth.

Sometimes, we take difficult path,
Just to prove ourselves to others,
Chose centre of road, rather than footpath,
Even if, they reach same terminus.

So, open your eyes,
Reaching goal, not so significant,
Not work hard, work wise,
Enjoying journey is also important.
Fealing on which you thrives,
That great feeling of contentment,
Is your true prize,
Your most epic achievement.

Also, it is ok to ask for help,
To rest a while, cry on mother’s lap,
What do wrong about it,
To sit a while, to make a map.
(spending time in planning most productive path)

Siblings Wars

The enemy is coming,
We need to set a trap,
A ball above the door hanging,
(ball is really soft)
Swing to her face like a slap.

This war is going on,
For a lot many years,
Nobody was able to won,
Every sec full of fear.

But brave are those,
Who will never quit,
Thorns or a roes,
Use any means best fit.

Here, comes the enemy,
Open door to her happily,
She directly goes to balcony,
Direct in my trap easily.

The ball hit her in forehead,
Wish you able to see her face,
As angry as a person mad,
I just ran like in a race,
Like running from walking dead,

She is just behind,
I got stuck into a corner,
No plan comes in mind,
To save from this danger.

Nothing can save me now,
She took my hand in her,
What a way of revenge, WOW!
With​ all strength she can master,
Dug her nails like knife on butter.

I look at the gills(marks) I got,
The do pain a liittle, a little hot.
But seeing that smile on her face,
Make this skirmish, a worthy shot.

So, the victory for now has to wait,
It concludes to another stalemate.