Angry of life

At this instance of time,
I am a little angry.
Angry from things,
That surrounds me,

The tick tick of clock,
The screen broken off(of tablet),
Every time my phone,
Hangs on screen lock.

Grandmother’s strange requests,
To clean my beard and moustache,
Angry on failure to ,
Complete daily target quests.

Angry condn’t able to get,
Topper performance in a test,
Angry that when I need to work,
I so much want to rest.

Angry, I am angry,
From day, night,
From what is wrong,
What is right,
This everyday strife,
From my sucker life.

Angry of my life, I am,
The problem is,
Nobody else give a damm,
Expect from me,
Achieve all gory and fame,
But wait……….
Am I not just the same??

Expect my life,
To be nicest, coolest,
Awesome in the earnest,
But that is not how it works,
Have to earn it from 100 tests.

So, instead of being angry,
My life is not the best,
Realizing, it is satisfactory,
And put this thought to rest.