The sun goes down,
The earth is brown,
The entire city is down,
what happens to this town.

Thousands here to moun,
Having lost families friends,
Thousands are left alone,
Destruction all across lands.

Their brave soldiers,
Fought bombs, traps, drones,
Ways new and older,
Till reaching their grave stones.

Fought for every inch, every street,
With death lurking in every corner,
Till the enemy’s final defeat,
Ground free for sister and brother.

People are free again,
But, little left to gain,
The losses are insane,
Is freedom curse or bane.

Atleast, now they have hope,
That they can rebuild,
Though, it is little help to cop,
With their life’s just stilled.

Sitting hundreds of miles away,
In my AC room and watching news ,
How could I may,
Fanthom those dreadful views,
Without roof the sick lay,
Searching for their death clues,
In the rubbles, children play,
On pointy stones without shoes,
These people roaming astray,
Just nothing left to loose.

I can do only one thing,
In prayers of morning evening,
I pray for their future well being,
Atleast better then doing nothing.

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