In the face of destruction

        Near 4 am in the morning, I had a dream. Now I only remember why was I afraid of it.
     I remember TV flashing news that Pakistan Army has killed 10,000 Indian soldiers in the worst ever cease fire violation. PM Modi has thus declared war on Pakistan.
      Video shows our military officials sitting in a planning room deciding the best route for nuclear missiles.
     And.. I woke up.
     I realized it was just a dream but the fear was still there.
     I know what a nuclear war means (will mean).
     Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. Both have stockpile of nukes may be not in thousands but surely in 100s.
      I went to bathroom and drank some water. I look out of the window of the kitchen. I can see Nirmala anti(our neighbor that lives in the next block, humming and starting her daily chores. She is a nice person and a lovely mother who loves her children.
     Then, I imagined a blast that will brighten this night. I will be able to see her clearly. But I don’t think , I will see this happiness (that I am seeing now), on her face.
    Hence, I will prefer the dark .
   A single nuke can destroy not just a city but the entire world of Nirmala anti. And many more worlds like hers.
     A war more between India and Pakistan will mean irreversible destruction not only in the 2 nations but the entire world. Destruction of the specie known as human.
    Because it is proved that if 100 nukes are blasted in a area in a short period. It will be enough to end the world as we know it. The residue gases poisonous gases will cover the entire atmosphere blocking out the sunlight (that is the life energy of this planet) and bringing in the ice age , for several 100 years.
     All plants will die and then remaining animals and of course us.
     Mother earth will survive even then. She will spread life again. But we shall not be a part of it. May be it will be better that way.
      It is a naked truth that Pakistan is supporting several terrorist groups. Their hatred for India is so much that they are supporting those who are killing their own children, their own families. What kind of humans are they?
      If this led to a war….
  You may feel this is not your war, . But are wrong. Even if you are afar from these 2 nations. This way will find you.
    Therefore, it is the duty of every one of us, of every nation to prevent this war. Pakistan must be pressurised from every side , by every nation to stop it’s support to terrorist and to improve relation with India. Because it not not the duty of only India and a few countries to maintain peace.
     As in the face of destruction every nation (weather super power or not) will be equal. Everything in the end will be destroyed .

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