Wisdoms of Warren Buffet

      Well who haven’t heard the name. A great billionaire of America.
Wikipedia describes him as
Warren Edward Buffett ,born in August 30, 1930, is an American business magnate,investor and philanthropist. He is the most successful investor of the 20th century. Buffett is the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, and consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. He was ranked as the world’s wealthiest person in 2008 and as the third wealthiest in 2015. In 2012 Time named Buffett one of the world’s most influential people.”
        I too have heard the name. Thought he was another billionaire of America. But this WhatsApp message created a respect in my heart for him and his philosophy


Sayings of Warren Buffet
On earnings : Never depend on a single income . Make investment to create a second source.
     Even if you save much and put out in a bank, you cannot besolution  protection of your hard earned money. The world is dynamic in nature. How can be so sure the bank will remain in future as well. The solution is create a second source. And what is better then investment. Invest in real state, jewellery, bonds, stocks etc. That is the mantra of Warren Buffet also.

On Spending: “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need
  Said very nicely. The aim should be spending for living and not other way rthingsDo a simple exercise. Think and make a list of things in your house today you not need. You will be surprised. Think hope much money you have wasted on this.
    It is not necessary that you have to own the latest phone or car etc. These are material things. You may want to purchase them now. But what about when you lose that momentary interest.
    Instead save money for times of need. Because at that time only this money will be your best friend. Not your car or phone

On Savings: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”.
        This must be strictly followed. First ensure the future, then, only you can enjoy the present worry free. Am average earning person should save atleast 50% of his income. Believe me that is only possible if you set aside that amount at the 1st of every month (the day you get paid). After that you will be surprised where your salary is gone.
       This practice is enough** to make you a billionaire before you retire. (Who won’t want that).

On Taking risk: “Never test the depth of the river with both feet”
    It is true that higher returns means higher risks. But it doesn’t mean that you should put all your money in most risky investment in greed of higher returns.
    Do not take just risk take ‘calculated risk’ . You must judge well the resource in which you are investing in. If you yourself cannot, consult a good financial advisor.
     But never go throwing your money anywhere meeting on your luck.
    Check with one feet first what is the depth on the risk.

On investment: “Do not put all eggs
in one basket”
       Imagine you have purchased 4 eggs. You put them in a basket which you trust can carry them. And the basket from your hand. All your 4 eggs will break
    But consider of you had put only 2 eggs in basket, 1 in your pocket and 1 in your other hand. Atleast 2 eggs will survive the accident and you have something for breakfast.
     The money follows the same rules. You need to diversify where you put your money. Never put your savings in just one type of investment. Use different resources (like save in bank, stocks, bonds, precious metals etc.). So that failure on one does not mean your savings resulting in null.

On Expectations: “Honesty is very
expensive gift. Do not expect it from
cheap people”
      Very important. With growth of human race, their greed, lust for power, selfishness have also grown.
     Never trust anyone with your savings. Honest people (in Hindi we will say like raja Harishchander) are more rare then diamonds on this planet at the present.
      If you are investing your hard earned money in something judge the resource yourself. Not trust just anyone.

    Wow! Now I feel like I can be the next Warren Buffet.
    He is a genius with great ideas.
He had earned billions of dollars with these ideas.
    Now you know them also. Decide yourself what you will do with them. Thanks for reading. Hope you like this article.
Gold luck for life

My experience of Ilemoscopy test

      OK, this is Piyush Gupta. Today is my Ilemoscopy(small intestine). It is a test to look inside small intestine.
      A robotic tube attached with a camera in front of insert into anus and travels over the intestines.(in endoscopy)
    In my case it will be entered from stoma. I have lost my large intestine to a dangerous infection. My large intestine has to be removed to save me. Stoma ,the last part of intestine, was taken out from a hole near my waist and a bag of attached (challestomi bag) to collect stool. I have to empty the bag when it bet filled.(usually in 5-6) hours.
     Sounds freaky(but I found out cool.) .
Many people that have to take such tests may get afraid. But don’t worry it is not that strange and not at all difficult.

      I am writing this article to give confidence to such people because I have home through the same feelings. This is a live report of my experience.
     For perforations I need to drink a liquidliquid to clean my system (can’t remember this name now)
    Let’s begin

5:47 am: I have to start drinking the liquid at 6 am. I have done this before but looking at 2 liters waters that I need to drink in 2hrs still gives a nausea feeling.
     Click if ticking ,timers are ready. I will drink 200 ml at 6 and repeat after every 10 minutes.
      Papa had preparing the liquid. Pouring powder in water so that no contents are left behind. Mixing it properly. That motion is soothing to see.
      I am rocking my chair for passing time. Feeling a little conscious that someone will read this.

5:58 : It is almost time. Sitting in my room with the liquid in a cointainer.

6:00 : Have the first drink. Poured 200 ml with a help of a jug. Drank it in 3-4 gulps.
    Papa is scolding that I have to drink it in a sip-sip style. Don’t know how does it matter. Papa brings the paper showing the right way to drink. It is so frustrating.
     I have this blog to write. Hence, there is hope my nails will survive this waiting. (Childhood habit).
    There was voice like water entering drainage from the stoma. May be it is starting to work.
6 :10 : 2nd drink. I drank in a sip sip style (almost). Papa is explaining with his usual love after a usual burst of irritation. He is going to have bath.
      So, I have to take the drink myself. He is instructing to increase the gap between drinks from 10 to 12 mins. So, next drink of die on 6:22.
      Thinking why am not playing some game to pass time rather then this. I have to finfish what I started.
May be check WhatsApp for aatleast.

6:20 :sent the daily motherhood message to my Bhabhi. This feels good. Keeping her motivated(even if she have many other sources). Please give a short prayer for good life of her child.(my bhanja).
Time for next drink.

6:22 : I took the drink. Stirred properly and poured 200 ml in glass and sip sip it.
    Papa have come back. Don’t know why. I hide the blog from his view. I can’t let him see it now.
    He is asking if stoma bag is filled. I should also keep in mind that because out will fill 3- 4 times atleast.
    Papa is emptying my stoma bag. He will not let me empty myself atleast not now.
     Papa doing such work may never feel good. But such love and care feel really good.

6:34 : Took the next drink. Stirred out work a jug only.(not work the big spoon) that led to another face of between papa and me. this is life. 
    Bua come and asked to brush and bath. I will have to do it afterwards .
It is hot and humid after four days of rain. May be I should switch on ac.
      The flap of stoma bag comes out on filling. It is almost filled again.
      The bathroom is closed and the English toilet with it. I have never tried to empty in Hindi toilet. I can’t imagine how. So I called Didda (elder sister). She emptied it. Itis kinda embarrassing but this is life.
   The stoma was almost clear yellowish water now.
6:50 : I am a little late for this drink so I again reduce gap to 10 min. Didda reached and made a drink before I can. Though spilled some liquid in her haste. Now who has ‘ladko wale kaam’. (Phrase between us for inability to do a work properly).
     Feeling a little happy now. Didda always spreads happiness around her.
7:00 Took the next drink. Went to urinate. I prefer Hindi toilet for it.
     The liquid has reduced to lead than half. You can tell by looking at it.
    Didda came to check the bag and demanded me to lie down even if it was only half filled. She emptied the bag and went away. I really have the best family. Papa has returned just now. He checked the liquid in his undergarments .
     Didda came to ask him if he wants breakfast. He showed his concern on his face that I can’t eat till the test is over. I love him so much.
7 : 11: Took next drink.1 minute late.
Stomach of feeling really full. But I need to drink 3-4 glasses more. .
    Papa is looking for something in his almari (cubbard)  humming a soothing melody of his times.
     Life feels like liveable. My life is not so boring. Stoma bag is half filled again. Water in it is making it a lot heavy than usuhad filled .
7: 20 : Took the next drink. Poured a little less than 200ml. Feels like 3 more drinks will finish it. 
     Roaming a little around the house to quench this ‘ full stomach’ feeling. A.      feels good.

a bag had filled again. Now Didda of in bathroom. Has to call papa

. He came leaving his breakfast. I pray God one day I am able to return his some of the favor. I really want to be self dependent. I vow to be one in every way to be with my father in front line.
     There is only clear water in the bag.
7: 30 : Gulped up another 200ml. There is no need of main cointainer now. The remaining liquid of completely transferred in the jug. It will soon be over.
     I think about leaving the test because stoma had yielded only clear water. But I am determined to complete the procedure.
     Alone in the room nothing interesting is happening. Just waiting for time of next drink.
     It is amazing how a minute can be so long sometimes.
7:40Took next drink. It will be only one more.
    Gazed upon the headline of the newspaprer. Govt is promoting manufacturing of health care devices locally. This will reduce cost of health care in private sector. My operation have took almost 22 lakh rupees. Though my papa is civil servant , this is the headache of CGHS. But still it will be a boon for millions like us who are not so lucky .
    Papa emptied stoma bag. I do not care to look at the color .
7:50 : I have thought it will be over after this drink. But half a glass still remains. Papa asked me what to bring. I selected coconut water and limca. It is the only good I can intake before the test.
    Don’t think I am hungry. For odd the last thing I want to see now. My stomach would be a water balloon at this time.
8:00 : Finished it. Feeling a little dizzy. I can go to bath now. I will leave brushing the teeth today. Just not in mood. It may seem uncivilized. But there can be an exception for today.

11:46 : We have arrived at hospital. These private hospitals feel more like a shopping mall than a hospital .

12:06 : I am in the endoscopy
1:00  :  I am outside now. Don’t remember much what skill happens as I was knocked out with anesthesia.
1:30 : Eating mix veg sandwich after half an hour of test. Feels delicious now.
   Time to go home.
  Hope the report will be all right. I know this was not so interesting to read. But it may release the fear of someone who is going for first time for such tests.
    These tests are a miracle of medical sciences. Before these a full fledged surgery is the only way to look inside your intestines.
    These years are not so rare as you think of them. I have met tens of people who have taken these tests and are now as healthy as a horse.
    So if you have such disease and needed to go such tests you doing at all need to be afraid.
    All d best .