Salt Water Lamp Provides Lighting For Poor Families

That’s a new source of energy. That is amazing and so cool

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salt energy lamp design

Aiming to bring low-cost illumination to residents of the Philippines, a nation of 7,000 oceanic islands, the Salt Lamp uses a free and abundant resource to reduce fire risk from candles and replace the cost of traditional lighting.

salt water lamp

Developed by engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena of De La Salle University, theSalt Lamp requires a single glass of water with two tablespoons of salt to provide a night’s worth of a light (complimenting approaches likeLiters of Light that work in dark spaces during the day), but, best of all, it can run off the naturally salty water of the surrounding ocean.

salt powered lamp charging mobile device

A pair of electrodes, the other key ingredient, can run for up to a year without requiring replacement. The next-generation version of the Salt Lamp will also have the capacity to charge batteries in portable electronic devices including cellular phones. Essentially, “this lamp uses the science behind the Galvanic cell, the basis for…

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The irony of hunger

        Will most of the things that comes to WhatsApp is rubbish. But some messages may force you to think. Some may even force you to doubt the ways you live and perceive life. One such message is this

      भोजन और प्रसाद में बस इतना अंतर है कि….
भोजन थाली भर भर लेते हें और छोड़ देते हें…
प्रसाद जमीन पर भी गिर जाये तो उठा कर खाते हें…..

” भोजन को प्रसाद मान लें तो कभी  बर्बाद न हो”………
“इतना ही लें थाली में, व्यर्थ न जाए नाली में”
English translation
There is only one different between Parsad and food. People fill their plates with much for. Even then they threw it. But they even eat a single grain of parsad that had fallen on the ground.
    Waste plates of food but can’t let a single grain of parsad be wasted.
   If we can assume normal food is Parsad, then nobody will sleep hungry in this world “

Parsad ,in Hinduism, is food that is offered to God as a tribute for  his blessings. When god has taken a small share (or we assume good has taken it) , the remaining is returned to devotees

   Parsad has great significanse in this great religion. Parsad is given to us by God himself/herself. It is a form of his blessing.
      You cannot refuse it even if you have diabetes (parsad is usually sweet).  And wasting it is considered a sinful act. I have seen people picking Parsad from the floor that has mistakenly fallen and eating.
     This is the kind of respect we give to parsad. Because it is considered blessings of god in the form of food. And who will want to waste that?
   On the other hand, we are not so respectful to normal food. Why? Because it is normal. It doesn’t give any divine blessing. So we take it for granted. We fill our plates with everything and eat what we like and test goes in dustbin.
      Is this right?
Of course not. Do you know that 805 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, almost one in nine, were suffering from chronic hunger.
    3.1 million children die every year due to under nourishment. That is 41%of total children’s death every year.

    ….While the irony is that the world produce enough for everyone. It is a fact started by UN.
    For the world as a whole, per capita food availability has risen from about 2220 kcal/person/day in the early 1960s to 2790 kcal/person/day in 2006-08.
    So why do many people go hungry? Why do many children die for to under nourishment?
     That is because the good you waste. That good I waste, we skill waste. Approximately, one-third that is 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year.  
    Is this not a very disturbing fact?
  The food is the fuel of human body. It takes on many resources like water oxygen, fertilizers, sweat of our farmers and many more to grow.
      It is the life itself. And does life is not a blessing of the Almighty? So how normal food can be less than any Parsad? And it in okay of this blessing goes into dustbin or down that drain? Would you also treat Parsad like this?
        I remember when I was a kid I usually lift my meals incomplete. Seeing this my grandmother used to tell me “it is not right. Every chapati, every grain of rice, every spoon of dal have Anndevta (God of food) sitting in it. If I wasted anything he will get angry. It will be an utter disrespect for him.
If you will waste him, then he will waste you.
     This meal you are eating is very precious. There are thousands of people who will kill for it.”
      At that time I thought it was just a bluff that were told to children. But growing up I realized most of our is true.
      Food we eat is no leads than blessing of God. So it is Parsad in every sense.
     Therefore, we should never take it for granted. We should respect it as we respect Parsad. It is NOT wastable.
     Pledge now that you will never waste good. Learn to estimate how much estimate how much food is actually required in your home. Eat to live and not live to eat.
      Even if something is left, try not let it decompose and not throw out. Try that it teach and needy. Also spread awareness about it.
      Believe me , it will be the true devotion  of the Almighty. It will give much more blessings than eating Parsad.
      Hope you liked this article and take something with you before closing your screens.
     May God bless you. (You know now how he solo. Don’t you?)


The common trait of great

     We all would have heard stories of some great people. Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Stephen Hawkins. The list goes on . With their strong will, fearlessness and ability to think differently, there have changed the course of history many times.
      They are our motivation, our inspiration, our ideals. We all like to become like them.
      The question is how so? What they all have done different in their lives that made them great? How are they better then an average human?
    You will say they are born to be great or deloped the required qualities. They are brave, courageous, kind, have farsightedness etc. etc.
      All this is cool. But some may be born with these, done may need ttheory’
p there qualities.
     The question goes more specific. How to devlop these qualities?
     Thinking about the lives of these people they may have different field of work. They may have brought different changes. But they have one thing in common.
      To understand that thing we need to have a look on a very interesting piece of study of human psychology.
Maslow’s need theory’
    Maslow was a researcher who researchers on different needs that can be present in human lives.
    He says all the needs of a human being can be categorized on five categories.

1. Physiological needs
    There are out basic needs that are essential for our survival. Our needs of food, water , air to breathe, shelter, clothing etc. fall under this category. There are the lowest level needs .

2. Safety needs
     When physiological needs are well gratified, we would like to have them for a long period. We would now need to have a stable life in which we can feel safe from the world. Our needs for regular income, peaceful society, fair system of law etc. came under this category.

3 Belongings needs
       Humans are social beings. We are not made to spend a lonely life. We need family and friends. We need to belong somewhere. Our needs a family, friends, a life partner. We may even feel need to attach to a religion. All this come under belongingness needs.

4. Esteem needs
       This is the need for appreciation and respect from others. It is what we call ‘satisfying our ego’. The concept of self respect or self esteem, prestige, status is evolved from this.

5. Self actualisation needs
        This is the highest order need. This represent the desire to improve ourselves. Actualizing our inner potentials. The desire to leave an imprint on the world. The desire to learn something new( curiosity)or to excel in something. Desire to make the world better .
       This need is the reason for the development of the human race.

Maslow's need hierarchy

     Maslow has concluded 2 things from the theory. The categories follow a hierarchy starting from phonological needs to self actualisation.
     And fulfillment of needs of one level promotes the higher level needs. He has said that one cannot think of fulfillment of a need unless all previous level needs are fulfilled.
   Hmmm! Does it feels interesting to you? Try to think examples from your life keeping in mind the conclusions. 
    You will find out that this may not be true.
   It is proved that this hierarchy can be different for different people. A friend protecting his buddy from goons. Belongingness needs comes before safety needs.
      A soldier giving his life to protect the nation. A mother working overtime to give her child a good life. There are examples everywhere this hierarchy shifts.
    So, this theory is not so rigid. We can be not robot who can be programmed to follow such hierarchies. We make our own hierarchies from our free will.
     Coming back to put question what is common thing in all the great people? The answer is they give preference to the highest other need that is at the peak of pyramid , self actualisation .
      Think of any example.
   Mahatma Gandhi left his career in endless and position of great respect and dignity in South Africa to fight for freedom of his country.
     Steve Jobs didn’t complete his graduation rather preferred to work in his garage .
    Despite being paralyses Stephen Hawking became the most intelligent living mind on earth .
     Rabindra Nath Tagore left his family and dropped his collage to write poems. (and was rewarded noble prize in literature for it).
      You will find many more in history and also around you.
      The need to actualisation your true potential is the driving force necessary to achieve your objective.
     It is also the way to achieve true happiness ‘satisfaction’. The satisfaction of successfully achieving something, of making world a neither place of the coolest feeling you can have.
     It have meaning to your life as will. It makes like worthy. Self actualisation helps you to find your hidden talent and establish your place in this world.
    So the simple way to do something great, more importantly feel great in your heart is self actualisation.
     If you wanna be great, whenever there is a conflict between different needs choose self actualisation.
    The choice of course can be difficult and risky. But remember that ‘many a times it is not the destination but rather the journey that makes a person great’.
      Hope you liked the article. Thanks for reading. Have a eventful life.

How to be a millionaire

     Well well who doesn’t want to be a millionaire. Some millions in your bank account is not a bad thing . Does it?
    But day dreaming is easy and making it reality is not so easy.
    So does it is impossible for most of the middle class people to become one? Does becoming a millionaire is so difficult that out is out of our scope?
    Well believe me it is considerably easy enough then it seems. Now the main question. How so? What is the mantra to become a millionaire?
    It is nothing new – a simple word we all know ‘savings’ and investments.
  Can we be a millionaire by just out normal savings. Of course we can. As the great poet Kabir has said

     The meaning is that a tree bears fruits only when the season comes. It takes time to happen. It cannot happen just overnight. But it does not mean the Gardner should stop his work until the season comes. The tree needs good care the entire year. Without care, it will not bear fruits.
        Your bank balance in no different. By just saving and putting it in the bank we can easily retire as a millionaire.
      For example, take that I save just ₹5000(or any currency) each month. With 5% annual interest rate (of course compounded) and no initial savings, what will I have in 25 years?


Wow. Close to 3 million. Imagine what it will be if I can save ₹15,000 per month.
       Around 8.5 million.
    An average middle class can save even more.
     Do you know the reason that has made the 2008 economy slowdown such a big deal was just lack of savings?
     Usually westernize do not believe in savings. An average American saves less than 10% of his income. This makes them very much dependent on economy conditions of their country. Hence, they are hit very hard when economy cannot support then.
       The aim of a well earning middle called person should be to save between 50 to 70%.
      It is a myth today of you are earning more you should also spend more.
     Buying a new car or a bigger home or the latest smartphone on every six months may give you happiness for a few days.
   Do you think you will actually be happy with skill these. There are material things. The can make you happy for a short period until you grew bore of them and start looking for something else.(it always happens with me when searching for Rpgs ).
     You will never be satisfied with these. Such these can lead to no improvement in your life either finally, mentally spiritually etc. etc.
    Do you know that the value of a car of halved the moment you buy it. The figure is 1/3 rd for your smartphone.
     Instead of spending on these material goods, why not spend on something that actually improves your life.
     Like investing in real estate or gold or something like that  that can help even your children. Or buy educational apps for them. Or admit then on some courses like dancing, sports etc. whatever they like. Or do some charity that will give you the most satisfaction.
Or just put it in a bank for the retirement. Seeing your bank balance grow is a fun in itself.
      This all ,I have learnt from my father.
He also earns around an average middle class man. He has saved around 50%of his income from the first day of his career. Even when financial condition of our family were not so good. Now, the figure is more than 70%.
     Still we are living a very satisfactory life. I can do anything I want because Papa has made my life finally very secure and full of happiness. Thank you papa.
    So think about where you are spending your money. Is it actually worth it. Don’t be fooled by every advertisement you see. Think about your retirement when you will not have a stable income. Think about what you will leave for your children when you die.
      Hope you will like this article and take something with you before closing it. Please share your views on this and enjoy rest of the day (keeping in mind what you have learnt).