Our Thoughts

Our life is what our thoughts make it.

The wrong is wrong viewed in our thought ‘s vicinity:

Asoka the Great, won the glorious Kalinga war:

His thoughts viewed it a crown of.flesh of humanity.

Act on good thoughts instantly, defer not till


Tomorrow’s sun to you may or may not rise.

The distance does not matter nor the traits of


The first step is dificult, it must be wise.

Life is fragile and it does not pace with time,

Unless we obstruct rain on noble thoughts.

Struggle against ill-thoughts sharpens our skill.

victory flows to clean minds, with failure to all knots.

One may not have what one ought to like.

One must pave the ways to celebrate what one holds.
Kites rise against the wind and not with it.

One with noble thoughts rises against all the odds.
                      By : Prakash Chander Gupta
                              (My father)

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