Sex and the country.

     India is a great nation with diverse cultures and heritage. Some traditions are so strong they govern every part of our life. (though we usually find a way around then°°).
     The Indian society traditionally restricts almost everything about sexual issues. From public display of affection to simple tasks about several issues. And of course, sex only after marriage.
    I agree that these laws have protected people especially children
and teenagers for centuries. But, the world has greatly changed with time. But these laws have remain as it is.
    Sexual topics may be uncomfortable to talk about. But they are one of the greatest truth of being human.
    Curiosity of a growing youngster towards them is as natural as the existence of moon and earth.
    But in a society like India where even talking about them is prohibited due to so called lajja , youngsters find no one to guide them. In many cases, nothing like sec education doesn’t even exist .
      When I was in 8th standard there was a chapter in out bio book ‘How babies are born’. It was devoted to process of reproduction and changes that occur when a child grows. All about sex , precautions and related matter.
      But out teacher don’t even touched it. It was thrown out of the syllabus and was never discussites
      However, almost every student in the class had read out thoroughly. You can think what meanings would children have taken out of it.
       Time has changed. Now there are many other sources for gaining information ( like internet of course). But the problem is they don’t provide the right guidance. Will you use porn sites for your child’s SRC education???
        This can lead them to take some highly unethical actions. More than 27000 rapes have been recorded in the country in year 2014. Many of them are brutal gang rapes. Many men on a single innocent woman (what could be more cruel). Most of them don’t even know how to have sec properly. They are highly immature. Rape is like an experiment for them (how pathetic).
    These are destroying the name of the country. Questions are being raised on our culture, out heritage. What will I make out of it. That lajja sucks.
    As a child becomes teenager and than an adult, the needs of the body changes. He/she wants the company of opposite sex. (who doesn’t want a girl friend). But, since it is prohibited many ended up killing their instincts and many develop instincts of demons.
      In old times, marriages often happened at a very early age. But, as urbanisation increases , do for the average age of marriage as many opted for graduation and post graduation. Since, sex before marriage is considered sinful many find hard to satisfy their newfound attraction to opposite sex.
      Like, I am 20. Am american boy of my age may have had sex at least 10 times. And I will most probably have my first seed at around 28.(8 years of waiting ¡!!!¡!!!!!)  .
     It is not that I don’t like my country. I will always be proud of being an Indian. But , sometimes …. I want a little more freedom.
     The culture and heritage of our country is one of the greategreatest and most value based in the world. But, nothing can be entirely perfect. Only one thing is constant in this universe , that is , change
      And I am happy that this change is happening. Indians are becoming more aware of sexual issues and realising the importance of propped sec education. (I am writing this blog with papa sitting beside me. He knows what I am writing)
      Indians are very adjustable and adaptive. I belive we will soon find some jugad for this problem also.
      Thank you for reading. Now good night and sleep tight.


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