Learn to be truly mature with Capability Maturity Model

      Many times I have heard from my parents and elders to become mature. I always thought what is maturity exactly and how to become mature? Should I stop playing RPGs(role playing games) or stop reading teenager fantasy books. Should I stop crying on small things or having fun by irritating my sister (live it).
     So, what the heck I do to become mature. Above things are good to show others. But, not enough to actually make me mature. Intact, doing things other’s want from you (and not yourself) is the greatest sign off immaturity. 
        To my amazement I got my answer from my must boring subject Software Engineering. In in to classify software developing organisations on the basis of maturity we use a method called Capability Maturity Model(CMM).
        It tells us about the level of maturity of an organization and what characterised are of that level. Surprisingly, this can be applied in our lives also.
       CMM ranks organisations with 5 levels (stages) of maturity. Higher level means high maturity that leads better profits in business and success and true happiness in our lives. These levels are


1. Initial
          This is the lowest level. In this level thinking is adhoc. It means they’re is no plan, no discipline, no proper rules.
Things are very unpredictable. It is impossible to determine anything due to lack of experience .
     All of us have to pass this stage (especially during teenage) when we are discovering the world. The main problem on this stage is lack of experience and thinking capability. Due to this we are very dependable on others to make a way for us.
     It is not important that you are at this stage. Important is how fast you can evolve from this stage.

2. Repeatable
     This is second stage. The main characteristics of this stage is that we improve our thinking capabilities and try to plan before we do anything. That brings a big change. It provides stability to the life and by sticking to our plan we can ensure success again and again. But the plan is usually in mind only. We don’t think it necessary to write it down, (it feels stupid). 

3. Detailed
        This is a major improvement on level 2. Here, the planning and procedures are well documented. We write down our plans and hope it is manageable. What things need to be done. Usually checklists ate formed. We are not dependent on out memory.
      By planning and proper management of plan are can ensure stability and induce displine in our lives. That goes a long way.

4. Managed
           It includes all features of detailed level. Plans are made and are documented on detailed.
        Aside from that one very important thing is done. Quantitative targets are formed. Making targets like I wanna be best football player or I would be next Bill Gates are cool. But such vague targets will take you nowhere. Such long terms targets need to be divided into short targets that must be well defined.
     Make well defined targets. And quantitative targets are most well defined. It is easy to follow a number that an emotion. Like I will finish maths and I will finish math in a week doing 1 chapter in each day.
      Quantitative target terms you what to do today. By following then you eventual reach your goal. A vauge target equals aiming in darkness. But can everything be measures. May be yes. Try this http://wp.me/p5ZVm7-E
     This level provides extraordinary stability with the help of quantitative targets.

5 Optimizing
          We have come do far. What more can we do. May be trying going back and see has something not for lost in the journey.
       As one grows more and more serious in life . Stared making plans, documenting them, making quantitative targets. They forget the very reason they have started silk this. That is the joy to learn something new, the curiosity to discover the unknown world. It may seem the sign off immaturity but this is the most important thing. This is the very reason the word maturity exists.
      In the last stage rediscover this. Try to find an opportunity to learn something new in everything you do. In other words keep optimizing.
      Learn from every experience. Try to think what you lack and how you could you have done better. And improve those fronts and enjoy yourself.
     When you curiosity is combined with your conceptual thinking and discipline you will truly be a mature person existing on a higher level of evolution.
     That’s all on this post. Hope you like it. Enjoy your life and keep optimizing.


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