On my 20th birthday- best gift trust of papa


Your birthday, my dear son, recalls every time,

Every odd turns to, dear Piyush, a happy pastime.

Difficulties always stand in our path, not to melt,

Not to break our will our spirit but to rise sublime.

You took normal birth, but in operation theatre,

A sign to reduce toughest exigency at a low ebb.

Higher the mountain higher to be our aspiration,

To gain the summit, keep rise, to cross the web.

Woeful plight of gone year faced at with brave,

Made you stronger against all toughs of life ever.

Keep the spirit, shine like the polar star, be happy,

Your life blossom like roses, fructify flavour.
Many many happy returns of the day, Oh! dear,

Live for thousands years ever with beaming face.

A computer lover, a blogger, always creative guy,

Wish you all the felicities of life with God’s grace.

                      by : Prakash Chander Gupta

                            (My father)

    A beautiful poem written for me by my papa, the person I love the most, the person I trust the most.
   It is the my best birthday gift. Even best than my Xperia Z1.
   Why because it does Papa’s changing view of me. He is now not looking at a child who went in his lap every time he has some problem. Nor a teenager who needs his guidance at every corner. He sees a mature adult who can take his own responsibility. Who knows what he needs to do? Who is not his burden rather his strength?
      I owe papa very much. He just not took care of my financial needs. Rather he is my flashlight who guided. He is the one who helped me reasons my love for pretty programming. He is the one who encouraged me for writing.( my english till 3rd was really weak. I now understand the worth of those hours of translation and grammer lessons).
      Form big things to small things like showing me bus routes to collage to helping me in studying Maths(he has not studied the collage level maths. He studied now just for me).
     Now, when I am old enough I am keen on returning something. I have realised the best thing I can return him is pride and happiness that a parent get on setting his/her child winning in life. Satisfaction that his parenting was right.
      This is one of the main reason I started blogging. I loved the emotions on his face when I told his I have reached more than 25 followers (lots of thanks to all my followers).
    Well, it is just a beginning. I still have to learn a lot to be able to take all his responsibilities. Thankfully, I have papa and that is more than enough.
     Thank typo for reading. Always remember what type parents means to you and what you mean to them.

Why Hindus worship so many gods


Idols of Hindu gods

It is believed that there are 84,00,000 gods and goddess in Hinduism. This figure is greater than all gods ever mentioned in any other mythology put together. Though main are 20 – 25 only. But still why so many. All other main religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism etc. beleives in existence of one good only. They bellringer that God had no form. Neither human nor anything else. Take Allha. Even Christ is not mentioned as god.(he was son of God)
     History has shown that every religion who has worshipped good which are shown as having forms(humans or otherwise) , those who are diety worshippers had been destroyed. Greeks, Egyptians and many more.
     However,  Hinduism not only survived for thousands of years, it also spend and not of the third largest religion in the world. How a diety worshipping religion flourished when all others were finished???
    To know answer to this we need to understand the concept of Aatma. Aatma on Sanskrit means ‘true self’. It is user to refer to the soul or spirit that resides inside our body.
     Can I ask who you are? You may tell me you are Rita, Shanti , Sophi, Bulma , Joseph or whatever your beautiful name is. You are not your name or your body. You are not your eyes out your mouth out your senses. You are a spirit. A child of God. You may see yourself as your body which has a form. But your true self is formless just like the almighty.

     So why are we trapped in this body. Why our spirit can’t be free. Why do we need this form?
       I am assuming that you all know about GUI(Graphic User Interface). It is the thing that lets us communicate with our computer by means of icons and clicks. Think of there was no graphic user interface was developed. Those who know about DOS know how difficult was it to interact with the computer. It is really tiresome for writing long commands for functions that take 2 clicks nowadays.
      GUI helps us interact with computer. It doesn’t mean that it is really the thing being that is doing the actual work. It is not the code that is truly carrying out the work. It is just an illusion(just like in movie Matrix) to let us communicate with the computer.
       Our body, our face, our senses are just an interface between us an the outside world.
       Our true self lies inside. We need this interface because we can’t imagine anything without it. It enables us to understand the laws of the universe and physics that covers our life.
      Would apple have fallen on Newton’s head of concept of mass does not exist. Would Newton have discovered gravity if he was not able to see our feel that apple?
     We can’t even imagine anything that doesn’t have form. That doesn’t have mass or volume. Even our feelings, love, friendship, hate are towards something that has a form.
     Try to think of God as form less. Let alone praying to him, you can’t even imagine him.
     Even if you can constitute a vauge picture can you feel the same connection as you feel to Krishna or Jesus Christ or Gurus or anyone you pray to. It is very hard to imagine something other that data that out senses receive.
     Can you imagine something that has no smell, taste, sound, colours and you cannot feel it. You may friendship or love but they are directed towards something which have form.
      That’s why almighty takes many forms or send his messengers to us. To remember us our duty towards our fellow beings.
    All religions have mentioned that God is one. Good is one but take many forms, so that we can imagine him, can connect to him.
      This theory is an important part of Hinduism and is mentioned many times in our holy texts.(puranas and Vedas and Upanishads).
      It is one on the most important teachings of holy Gita also.
     Many westerners think that we are diety worshippers. But let us tell them that we are proud of it. We promote the concept on One god to rule then all. But we are also personally connected to our dieties.
      We humans can be more close to a form rather than something that we can’t even imagine. Isn’t this also the reason for Jesus to come to earth.
     Lots of thanks for reading and understanding our ideology.

Java is everywhere

      It is an interesting quote I read while installing Java on my laptop. We have heard ‘God is everywhere’. But how java can be everywhere. In the present world it can?
        Java is the programming language that is being used to programme almost every device. See around you. The computer or tablet or phone on which you are studying this post is programmed java. The web browser you are using uses java. All smart TVs have java. iOS or android or windows or Mac uses java. Their apps are built using java. Linux OS is entirely based on java. The new trend of smarter watched wiulw not have been possible without java.
     Java resides in many things around you. From your washing machine to your phone, computer, traffic lights, internet , even on your car.
    The best of java is in the fact that it is the best Object Oriented Language. That means it is best to represent the real world things and their attributes .
Like a dog is a real world thing and barking is one of its attributes.
     Java have excellent security mechanisms for the body machine. Most important it is easy to learn and is completely free. So after the softwares needed like Netbeans IDE.  It is available to anyone with the will to learn.
     If you are interested try this
   It may not relate to kind of things I blog. But java had become an I indispensable part of my life. I just wanna share it. After all java is hidden to make eyes but it is everywhere .
     May be even God  is using java to programme the universe. (like Matrix reloaded).

Sex and the country.

     India is a great nation with diverse cultures and heritage. Some traditions are so strong they govern every part of our life. (though we usually find a way around then°°).
     The Indian society traditionally restricts almost everything about sexual issues. From public display of affection to simple tasks about several issues. And of course, sex only after marriage.
    I agree that these laws have protected people especially children
and teenagers for centuries. But, the world has greatly changed with time. But these laws have remain as it is.
    Sexual topics may be uncomfortable to talk about. But they are one of the greatest truth of being human.
    Curiosity of a growing youngster towards them is as natural as the existence of moon and earth.
    But in a society like India where even talking about them is prohibited due to so called lajja , youngsters find no one to guide them. In many cases, nothing like sec education doesn’t even exist .
      When I was in 8th standard there was a chapter in out bio book ‘How babies are born’. It was devoted to process of reproduction and changes that occur when a child grows. All about sex , precautions and related matter.
      But out teacher don’t even touched it. It was thrown out of the syllabus and was never discussites
      However, almost every student in the class had read out thoroughly. You can think what meanings would children have taken out of it.
       Time has changed. Now there are many other sources for gaining information ( like internet of course). But the problem is they don’t provide the right guidance. Will you use porn sites for your child’s SRC education???
        This can lead them to take some highly unethical actions. More than 27000 rapes have been recorded in the country in year 2014. Many of them are brutal gang rapes. Many men on a single innocent woman (what could be more cruel). Most of them don’t even know how to have sec properly. They are highly immature. Rape is like an experiment for them (how pathetic).
    These are destroying the name of the country. Questions are being raised on our culture, out heritage. What will I make out of it. That lajja sucks.
    As a child becomes teenager and than an adult, the needs of the body changes. He/she wants the company of opposite sex. (who doesn’t want a girl friend). But, since it is prohibited many ended up killing their instincts and many develop instincts of demons.
      In old times, marriages often happened at a very early age. But, as urbanisation increases , do for the average age of marriage as many opted for graduation and post graduation. Since, sex before marriage is considered sinful many find hard to satisfy their newfound attraction to opposite sex.
      Like, I am 20. Am american boy of my age may have had sex at least 10 times. And I will most probably have my first seed at around 28.(8 years of waiting ¡!!!¡!!!!!)  .
     It is not that I don’t like my country. I will always be proud of being an Indian. But , sometimes …. I want a little more freedom.
     The culture and heritage of our country is one of the greategreatest and most value based in the world. But, nothing can be entirely perfect. Only one thing is constant in this universe , that is , change
      And I am happy that this change is happening. Indians are becoming more aware of sexual issues and realising the importance of propped sec education. (I am writing this blog with papa sitting beside me. He knows what I am writing)
      Indians are very adjustable and adaptive. I belive we will soon find some jugad for this problem also.
      Thank you for reading. Now good night and sleep tight.

Why the extra rupee? – The meaning behind the centuries old Shagun

       Shagun is Sanskrit word used for gifts given on auspicious occasions like wedding or when a child is born. In my country (India) , usually when money is given as shagun, an extra rupee is added to it.
    You will rarely hear that, we got 100 rupees or 1000 or 10,000 rupees as shagun. It is always 101 or 1001 or 10,001.
        This tradition has been forward for centuries (it is even older than Ramayan). And it is followed at every corner of society going from birthdays to weddings to business deals. Even again envelops have 1 rupee coin attached to them.


     So, what is so special about this tradition. It signifies something or just another superstition?
    It does have a very deep meaning attached to it. I understood it when I started learning programming languages (in computer science).
     The first programming language I learnt is C++. One day I asked my teacher why the name has plus plus sign. She smiled and told me that C++ had been inspired form C language (it is most important language). Intact C++ it’s actually a extension of C with many new and optimizing feature.
      And ++ is the sign off increment operation (used to increase value of variables by 1), therefore, C++ to signinfy C with improved features.
     This incident left me thinking and I associated with the extra rupee tradition and got answer to our question.
     The extras rupee signified a prayer to always keep improving in life. To always keep optimizing. It tell you that it is very good that you have a sea but you should always have thirst for new drops .
      Please don’t associate it with greed. It refers to always keep improving your innerself , your talents and abilities to ultimately improve the society.
     Thirst for improvement is very important in life. It is the only path that go to excellence in anything. Academics, sports, buissness , arts , every discipline you can name, anything you can think of, can be achieved or mastered only by the continuous process of improvement.
     Wherever you stoppes your strife your improvement, their your life will be stranded and you will reach nowhere.
     You may leave behind all your competition but one competition will always be there yourself. Try to beat yourself. Try to beat you previous record or performances. That is the way to improvement.
      All this wisdom hidden in a single rupee.
     The extra rupee may only get you an eclares(a toffe) , but it behold much more worth in its hidden wisdom.
     Lots of thanks to you for reading. More thanks for understanding the meaning behind the article. Because without meaning, it may worth not more than 1 rupee.
        Have a fun and healthy life and always keep improving.

Learn to be truly mature with Capability Maturity Model

      Many times I have heard from my parents and elders to become mature. I always thought what is maturity exactly and how to become mature? Should I stop playing RPGs(role playing games) or stop reading teenager fantasy books. Should I stop crying on small things or having fun by irritating my sister (live it).
     So, what the heck I do to become mature. Above things are good to show others. But, not enough to actually make me mature. Intact, doing things other’s want from you (and not yourself) is the greatest sign off immaturity. 
        To my amazement I got my answer from my must boring subject Software Engineering. In in to classify software developing organisations on the basis of maturity we use a method called Capability Maturity Model(CMM).
        It tells us about the level of maturity of an organization and what characterised are of that level. Surprisingly, this can be applied in our lives also.
       CMM ranks organisations with 5 levels (stages) of maturity. Higher level means high maturity that leads better profits in business and success and true happiness in our lives. These levels are


1. Initial
          This is the lowest level. In this level thinking is adhoc. It means they’re is no plan, no discipline, no proper rules.
Things are very unpredictable. It is impossible to determine anything due to lack of experience .
     All of us have to pass this stage (especially during teenage) when we are discovering the world. The main problem on this stage is lack of experience and thinking capability. Due to this we are very dependable on others to make a way for us.
     It is not important that you are at this stage. Important is how fast you can evolve from this stage.

2. Repeatable
     This is second stage. The main characteristics of this stage is that we improve our thinking capabilities and try to plan before we do anything. That brings a big change. It provides stability to the life and by sticking to our plan we can ensure success again and again. But the plan is usually in mind only. We don’t think it necessary to write it down, (it feels stupid). 

3. Detailed
        This is a major improvement on level 2. Here, the planning and procedures are well documented. We write down our plans and hope it is manageable. What things need to be done. Usually checklists ate formed. We are not dependent on out memory.
      By planning and proper management of plan are can ensure stability and induce displine in our lives. That goes a long way.

4. Managed
           It includes all features of detailed level. Plans are made and are documented on detailed.
        Aside from that one very important thing is done. Quantitative targets are formed. Making targets like I wanna be best football player or I would be next Bill Gates are cool. But such vague targets will take you nowhere. Such long terms targets need to be divided into short targets that must be well defined.
     Make well defined targets. And quantitative targets are most well defined. It is easy to follow a number that an emotion. Like I will finish maths and I will finish math in a week doing 1 chapter in each day.
      Quantitative target terms you what to do today. By following then you eventual reach your goal. A vauge target equals aiming in darkness. But can everything be measures. May be yes. Try this http://wp.me/p5ZVm7-E
     This level provides extraordinary stability with the help of quantitative targets.

5 Optimizing
          We have come do far. What more can we do. May be trying going back and see has something not for lost in the journey.
       As one grows more and more serious in life . Stared making plans, documenting them, making quantitative targets. They forget the very reason they have started silk this. That is the joy to learn something new, the curiosity to discover the unknown world. It may seem the sign off immaturity but this is the most important thing. This is the very reason the word maturity exists.
      In the last stage rediscover this. Try to find an opportunity to learn something new in everything you do. In other words keep optimizing.
      Learn from every experience. Try to think what you lack and how you could you have done better. And improve those fronts and enjoy yourself.
     When you curiosity is combined with your conceptual thinking and discipline you will truly be a mature person existing on a higher level of evolution.
     That’s all on this post. Hope you like it. Enjoy your life and keep optimizing.

Mother nature is not even targeting us

       On   I was sitting at my home studying for upcoming exams, just then I felt the bed is vibrating , and so does the floor and everything around. Wah! What was happening. A 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal and the entire northern India including Delhi (where I live). The vibrations were low in Delhi. But it continued for more than 2 minutes. I speculated that some place would not have been so lucky.
       The epicenter of the earthquake was at Katmandu, Nepal , a country that was not at all ready for such calamity. Till now dearth tool has reached above 10,000 and increasing. Three is how damage to infrastructure and reconstruction would be worth about 60,000 crore rupees (10 billion dollars i.e approximately 40% of country’s GDP).
      Nepal is a poor country full of poors . This calamity has featured everything for many. More than 1.4 million children are homeless, cold and hungry. Millions are relying only on uncoupled noodles for food.
      Why all this to the most vulnerable? Why mother nature showed its wrath on these poor people? Mother nature should be living and caring. When you look at those people anyone will doubt this.
      So does mother nature is not do divine, not do loving and caring, not so mother like. She brings earthquake, tsunamis, feminine, eruptions killing millions and destroying everything for millions more. Separating the families, killing dear once, destroying someone’s home. This is not what we except from a mother. Do we? Mother should be exact opposite.
        So do we abolish the phrase mother nature ? Do we start believing that there is nothing divine about mother nature? Does humanity is an orphan ?
        If you agree on this you w will change your opinion in next 5 minutes. Just read till the end .
        Do you know how much energy is released during a normal earthquake? It is really more than 10,000 times the energy released when Hiroshima was destroyed by the fat boy(code name of nuclear weapon that destroyed Hiroshima during world war 2). Yes you hear it correct. That much energy. Even a cyclone have energy around 2-3 thousand Hiroshima bomb. A tsunami easily have energy of 1,00,000 Hiroshima bomb. What that means. Even a normal earthquake have the potential to destroy 10,000 cities.
     But does any calamity in the entire human history has done such case destruction. No, because otherwise humanity will not be thriving on earth. I believe that we would not even present on this planet. Human race would have been extinct thousand of years ago.
        We are fortunate that mother nature is not specifically targeting us. Otherwise………
       We humans give too much importance to ourself. May be we are at top of the food chains. We are most intelligent being. But we all know how much we are dependant on nature. We are a very small civilisation at the corner of the vast universe. We areusext to nothing when compared with mother nature.
      But mother nature doesn’t think like that. She considers us her dear children. She had given us the air we breathe, tthewater we drink, solid earth to live on – perfect conditions to live a good life.
    Then why these calamities come. This is because even mother nature sometimes require to release some pressure. Do you know if an earthquake have never happened in human history. Earthquakes are result of movements of tectonic plates. Only way to stop earthquake is to stop this movement. But this movement is important for recycling carbon that is an essential condition for life. In big planets like Saturn or Jupiter where there is no tectonic movement for to very strong gravity , life will be not possible (even if they have all other conditions to support life).
      Hence, whatever mother nature does is for the well being of her children. There is colletral damage in everything. We have to understand that mother nature have very big responsibly of maintaining this universe and all her children. She cannot love only a few.
     May be you have lost someone dear in a natural calamity(I pray that out is not so), you may find my opinion offensive. Try to put your self at the place of mother nature. You will feel great power. But with great power comes great responsibility. This is one of the greatest law of nature that it cannot break itself.
     Even then she tried to protect us as much as possible. Like in Nepal earthquake 10,000 people died and in Hiroshima more than 1,50,000 people have for in the nuclear blast.
      Mother nature have given us so much and what we have returned. Ecological imbalance or global warming. Harming her other children. Do you think she will tolerate this. All this calamities are just a small warning. Warning for us to rectify out mistake when it is still time. Else we will be punished. Mother nature will protect life at any cost. Even if cost is our extinction. She has done this before (like when dinosaurs proceed to be threatening to other life forms they are blown away) , she will do it again if necessary. It is better if we improve before that.
      May be we cannot stop any natural calamity but we can at least help those affected by it. This way we can show her that we are deserving of her love and much. Pray with me that soul of all who lost their life in Nepal earthquake may test in peace in the lap of mother nature and born again from her womb to live a happy life and serve their fellow beings.
      Thanks for reading. May you have a blissful life.