A small divine intervention

          I am a firm believer in god. May be I can’t call them a great devotee of krishna. But still I try to remember him atheast once in a day. But as in the nature of every human being,  we usually take for granted things that we can get easily. We start ignoring them. In our busy life we forget that they even exist.
      I am no exception to this. Last week proved to be a really long week for me. I gave my internal exams.  5 subject 5 days back to back. It was a really tiring week. Syllabus was almost full with no holiday in between.
      But I was confident in my preparations and did good in first three exams. I was confident that next exam will also pass away like other three. So I went to hang out with my friends and got home late in the evening.  But that confidence proved to be over confidence. I was like blown away that next was Software Engineering.  I was in the wrong assumption that next was Java (which I can top without opening the book).  And was SE the subject dread. OMG I am dead.
      I haven’t open the notes of SE in the entire semester.  I became too afraid.  I was not able to handle pressure at that time and took a novel and start reading it. I accepted that there is no point in studying. I am tired and syllabus is too much.Alas!  I will fail tragically.
          I went to sleep early.  But I was very restless.  I woke up at 3 am from a bad dream. I realise that I was really thirsty and went to kitchen in the dead of the night.
        I was confused why the night bulb of veranda was off. As soon as I went out of my room.  I saw the temple of our house.  It’s light was on. It shouldn’t be. (god sleeps too).
       But as I got near I was astonished by its beauty.  The idols of the gods look majestic like the glow is coming from them. I sit in front of the temple and chant a small prayer. The peace I got at that time cannot be described in words. It was soo peaceful with complete silence ans no one to disturb. I took out my phone and captured some photos.





    Isn’t it something? Suddenly realized I felt very fresh.  I felt rejenuated. It was an amazing feeling.  I looked at the clock. It was quarter past 3 but I was in no mood of sleeping.  So why not study a little bit? I thought I can atheast try.  There is still 6 hrs for exam to begin.
      I switched of the temple ‘s bulb and went to my desk. I went through important topics.  Though SE is a complete theory subject (I such in craming up),  I realised it has a nice pattern and logic to it.  May be I should have tried to study it before. It is not so bad.
      The next day I went to the exam with a little bit of confidence.  Miraculously most of the questions that came,  I have studied last night only.  I wrote whatever I know in the best way possible.
      When I came out I have a smile of satisfaction on my face. Though I will not get 30( full marks),  not even 25.  But I am surely to get above 20. That is more than enough for me.
       When I went home,  I came to know that my sister have forgot to switch of the temple’s light last night. She have never  forgot this in my memory.  So why only last night? Why questions paper is full of questions that I have studied? How I got so much peace to in a restless night?
       There is a high chance that this all is a coincidence. But in my heart I believe it something much greater.  Something much more powerful.
        I believe it is a blessing from him.  The one who rules this universe.  The one who is the programmer of all things in the mighty the universe.
        I realised that beside last night I have never remembered lord Krishna in the entire week. My ego has misted my thinking. I got too proud of myself.  I forgot god even exists.
      But he never forgot me. He come to me when I most needed. He gave peace to my restless soul. He gave courage to me in time of fear.
      This may be a small thing.  It was just an exam(that too internal). But it has given me a story to tell. It has given me a moral teaching that I will remember all my life. Never take anything for granted.
          Tell me can you remember last time you visited a nearby Temple( church/gurudwara/masjid wherever you go). If you can very good.  If you cannot please find a little time for him. He has given you air,  water,  earth,  family,  this beautiful life but the greatest treasure he has hidden in himself that is peace.
       Thank you for reading.  Hope this was worth your time.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “A small divine intervention

  1. This is wonderfully written!! 🙂 We are also members of Iskon. And a firm believer of god. Krishna is my favourite. And its so true that he comes to your rescue in the most haphazard times, to give you peace. And yeah internals seem so petty at first but gets really stressful the day before Lol 🙂 best of luck

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is pleasure to know another devote of Krishna.
      He is my favorite among our 84 lakh gods and goddesses. It is great that a member of eskon temple liked my post.
      (also you have a beautiful face)

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