Path to speed and perfection is going slow

      Once I was viewing a serial on discovery turbo . It was showing how a racing car is prepared . Type real challenge for the staff team is not preparing car become the race but it is between the race . When some problems arises between the race like engine breakdown or racer needs better tyre , the team have top work really fast as each second is important . I was astonished how they can change a tyre in 12 seconds.
      In our lives we also try to do our work as fast as we can . After all time is money in today’s world and money is very important. I hope everyone agrees on this . Money is very very important . Everyone is running . Boss call , late to the meeting , late for the party , traffic jams , emergency or something else . Everybody is running , cursing and swearing to gods. Haste becomes routine of their life . Breakfast in 10 min , dress up in 15 min , f**k knot of this damm**s is not tied , boss will kick s**t out of me. Can you relate to any of this ? This has become decorum of urban lifestyle . But tell me are you happy with this? Are you satisfied with life of haste and cursing ?  Even you have accepted this life as part of urban lifestyle, are you able to do everything on time . Are you reaching office on time ? Do you still not captured in traffic jams ? Are you able to good time for your family and friends ?
       Of course not ? Then why do we live such lifestyle ? Why can’t we get time for everything we have to do or want to do? Where the problem lies? May be you have recognized the answer yourself.
     Answer is a Himaachali (dialect of Hindi spoken in the state of Himachal pradesh , India) word


This means that doing mistakes in confusion caused by unnecessary haste in anything .
     Take this example . My grandmother called me to bring her specks to watch her favourite saas bahu (family) serial . In haste I picked up the specks cover and give it to her . 2 minutes later she called me again . And complains that I have brought specks cover with no specks in it . In my haste I don’t even felt that weight of the specks cover is much less then out should be with the specks on it. Frustrated or not I have to go again .
       In unnecessary haste , I ended up wasting more time then this simple task have to take.
      You may counter that the example at the beginning process is opposite of it. But that example is not opposite , it supports this theory . Later in that serial , the host compete  with one of the member of staff team in changing tyres . In his haste sometimes he picked up the wrong screw our pot the screw in the wrong hole while the staff member completed the challenge in few breathes. So why 2 persons take do much different time periods in doing same work?
       The answer is obvious . The staff member has done this work may be thousands times before . He has mastered it with practise.
Later he told that in the bringing he used to take same time as the host . He makes easily avoidable mistakes in the haste . But his instructor advised him to go slow . Take all the time you want but try to understand things and try to do a perfect job. Don’t target for speed , target for excellence in your job. Speed will come in time
       These words can solve many problems on our lives . When we try to do our work in haste our thinking became hazy. We are not able to notice important details and make mistakes that can be easily avoidable otherwise . We end up taking more time and frustrating our self . This habit makes your daily life help but it can be dangerous in long run. It can hamper your career prospectus and your self confidence. It caused frustration , anger , regret which are not at all good for your health and your relationships .
      Now question arises how do we change this habit . How to go all slow. These ways may help you
1.Time management
       Manage your time well. Make a time table and follow it . This simple step can really do wonders to your productivity.
2.Remove your watch
         Put your watch in cupboard . Remove it from your phone’s home page. This works for many . The point is focus on the job in hand and not how much time is left.
3.Always be positive
         This is applicable to everything in life. Never think that you will not be able to reach your target in deadline. Believe in yourself . Believe in your abilities. As Lord Krishna says

do your work with honesty and dedication. Leave the result to me.

4.Aim for excellence and not for speed  
      Practise makes a man perfect. Everything requires hard work. You cannot be perfect in first time. Try to understand the logic and mechanics of the job. Speed is the prize of hard work. Aiming for speed from the beginning will only less to unnecessary errors. Be patient
5.Stealth may help you
         Have you ever watched a stealthy cat.? She ways for hours at one place to get her prey. This may help you also. Try to be stealthy in your day to day life. Do not make any sound whole you roam in your house. Do not let anyone notice you when you come from behind and do Boo . This can be a game as well as you deliberately work slow and perfect. Overtime you will pick this habit.
      This is all for this article. Like of you like it. Also share your thoughts. They are invaluable to us.



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