Learning Ethics from fantasy – Don’t become a dark knight, when you can become a paladian

   All the fans of rpgs (type playing games) have a special place in their hearts for final fantasy series.
     Especially for final fantasy 4 . The story of dark knight Cecil .
     May be you are thinking the game is for teenage kids . But the moral we can learn from it removes the curtain from one of the basic truths of the universe. That is the ethical easy is always the right way to achieve something. Power of good or power of light is always greater than power of evil.
        It is not just for saying . This law is applied very much in practicality of life.
         In the story Cecil was a dark knight of mighty kingdom Baron . Dark knight are warriors that call upon the power of darkness to increase the power of their attacks. But darkness must be paid for its help. Each time Cecil called darkness a certain amount of HP ( health points ) are reduced.
The darkness must be paid with your very soul for its help. In many stories such warriors are known as soul eaters . A certain amount of their life is reduced whenever they use this power.
         History and my personal experiences has proven that this is true not just for stories but also in real life. That is if you use path of darkness or evil , it will in turn harm you also.
       Let us take a simple example . Suppose you cheated in exam. No one caught you . You may feel a sense of achievement. But finally this will harm you . In this situation there was not only risk of getting caught. There is a chance that you will feel that cheating is an easier way to pass rather than studying . Passing in exam will become just a false assurance . Actually , the real goal that is attaining knowledge have been defeated.
        Even if you scores good marks, will you really feel happy out proud when your parents praise you. I don’t think so.
     Take another situation your friends are going to a club. You called your mother and lied that you are going to study at a friend ‘s house . Rather you went to the party. This small lie can harm you in much greater ways. If by any chance your mother knows the truth , you can lose her trust. It may even hamper your relationship with your mother. You may are to tell 100 more lies to hide this lie.
       Thus you can further fall in darkness . You can get addicted to it and will always live in great of consequences . You never will truly have piece of mind.
       So what to do in such situations? This questions troubles Cecil also. To get water crystal( a powerful artifact in story) , he had destroyed the peaceful city of Mydasia . During a sea voyage , his shop was attacked by Levinath (a sea monster) ,he was swept ashores of Mydasia . Their from an elder of the city he got the way to redempt his sins. He climbed a holy mountain and exchanges his dark sword with the sword of light and become a paladian .
       Paladians are warriors as powerful as dark knight but their power comes from light rather than darkness . They do not need to sacrifice their soul .
    Like Cecil of we choose the path of light , the path of goodness , we can get our goals without harming out soul.
    Like in the above example of teaching in exam . If we rather studied rather than depending on cheating , we will gain knowledge as well as good marks.
     Like this of we ask for permission for the party rather than lying , your mother may not let you go. But her trust on you will eventually increase. Your relationship will become stronger . She will start to understand you and then you can press for more freedom. That freedom will be true freedom without fear and regret.
      Path of darkness offers a fast and effective way to solve the problem in hand immediately. But it eventually leads to greater problems.
     Whole the path of light may be slow but it is really effective. It may not solve problems immediately but it will not let any bigger problem arise . Also it can give many other benefits and ever laying peace of mind.
      The practicality of this has been proven by various disciplines. History , philosophy , anthology and ever business management.
     Look at some any management books of MBA. You will find entire units on Ethics of business. In many universities it is taught as a separate compulsory subject. MNCs make special departments to record , study and execute these ethics  . World is accepting the importance of ethics  , the path of good.
        Are you also ? You have to choose weather you become a dark knight our a paladian.
       Hope you like this article . Lots of thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts. They are invaluable to us.


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