Insult may be blessing in disguise

As defined in the dictionary
Insult is a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect. Here a word ‘deliberately ‘ is important. It clears that insulters are not critics. Insulters target a person for a malicious purpose while critics simply want to point out a fault in a thing so that it can be improved in future.

   Insult is considered to be a negative thing. An insult in public can embarrass a person in public . A targeted insult can destroy once reputation a may affect his career.
The targeted person can grow depressed and may commit some complete actions like suicide.
         He may intend to take revenge and lose his peace of mind.
          But for those who think positively can see the blessing in disguise present in an insult.
       An important trait of a winner is to turn his weakness into his strength. An insulter do great effort to highlight your shortcomings. Use his effort to know your weaknesses and rectify them or make them your strength.
        I like to mention a very true saying
“Keep your admirers close and your insulters closer”

        To understand how to do it let me give you a example.
           A person was always low in confidence while going in public due to stuttering in his voice. Everybody laughed at him and insulted him.
   A friend advised him the same thing I am explaining . He went to a club and tried to get a job of a comedian . Manager of the club immediately realised that his stuttering is of great advantage for the job . Manager hired him and he did very well in his job.
   By performing in front of audience he gained confidence as well as a nice salary.  
   Thus he converted his greatest weakness to his greatest strength.
   This wisdom also applies to small small things in life.
    Consider this incident from my life.
    My grandmother is conservative in nature. It was time when I was in ninth class. I requested my father for my own desk. Before that I used to study in my grandmother’s room. She didn’t agree with it. She always keep snapping at me for little things mentioning that I do not care for her.
  Sometimes I also snap at her in reply . But then my father explained me what I am explaining you today.
           By thinking about the words of insult I had got , I realise that they are true. I have taken my grandmother for granted many times . So I talked to her calmly and asked for forgiveness.
     She understood and also accepted her mistake and guided me how to manage my desk.
      I still feel proud when I compare my sister’s messy desk with my neat and clean desk.
     Thinking insult as a blessing can greatly help you in daily life as well as for big problems of your life. Just take it positively.
Remember these 4-5 points I had compiled based my experience.
The way to handle insult
1. See insult with a positive outlook.
2. Learn to differentiate b/w insult and criticism
3. Think about the words of insult . Ask yourself it is really true or not. If it is not true , then , disapprove it. If it is, then correct it.
4. Try not to immediately snap back . Remain calm . The person doing insult will look fool himself.

  That is all in this article . Hope you will benefit from it as I have.
Thanks for reading . Please leave your thoughts as comments. Hope your life is blissful .  


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