Choose your own adventure(CYOA) – Evolution of books

         I am a great lover of books. I know what books means to reading enthusiasts. A reader lives a thousands lives before he does .
        But sometimes I feel sad because I have no control of that lives . The only way we can participate in story just by turning pages. Isn’t it will be good to have some interaction with the story? To tell protagonist do this not do ? What fun it will be to actually live the life of our favourite character. To go in a war , fall in love , join resistance to end a tyrannical rule or do toe ceiling kisses.
      Well you can always write your own novels buy that is a consumes a lot of time and not everyone ‘s piece of cakes.
      Computers have changed everything a around us. Even our ways of reading with ebooks and now computers in our hand ( our dear smartphone) are bringing an evolution in the world of books – CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE (CYOA) style books.
       These books allows you to take the role of the protagonist . At regular intervals in the story you get lots of choices which leads to different paths in the story.
     Quiet awesome isn’t it? Most of the stories have a stats system. These stats are abilities rather measure of abilities of the protagonist whose role you are playing. These can be strength , vitality , stamina, magic our even love.  compassion , control , your relationship with other characters.
       In some books some stats are shown opposite to each other like good to evil , power to slyness , emotional to logical.
       Don’t worry your smartphone will do all the calculation of the stats. You just have to read and make your choices . Stats will increase our decrease based on your choices .
       Basically they added some rpg elements to books with much more control of story.
        Your choices are quiet important and they pretty much control the story. Some choices may require a minimum value of some stats.
Like can break a door only if you have strength more than 12. Or crack an exam worth a high intelligence. It is always good to get a look at your stats before making a choice.
       There is a huge collection of such books present at Android play store as well as Apple app store.
       Developers like Choice of games , Tin man games , Hoisted games , Delight games have provided a wide range of CYOA books.
         Tin man games add good music and sound and visual effects and an awesome stats and battle system in their apps.
     On the other hand developers like Choice of games and Hoisted games have provided more lengthy and more choice based stories  . They do not have any sound our visual  effects only powered by your imagination. I like this type more.
       There are books available of genre romance , drama , medical fantasy. philosophy , urban fantasy and many more.
      Some of great works are (link is for android play store. All are also available on apple app store)

1. Choice of robots
It is my favourite. You live 30 years of a robot engineer designing your robot. The game has various endings. You can may a robot or human , fight for their rights or conquer alaska with your robot army. This has right combination of action and emotions.

2.Choice of romance
  It is set in a magical kingdom Iberia. You play as young wizards who went to the court session to find a suitable life partner. But out is not so easy as it seems. The setting is like british nobility . The story is awesome so are the choices.

3.Heroes rise series
It is the first part of the series. You conquest to become a legendary hero . But it is never easy . The choices are excellent. Game is full of action , romance, and drama .

4.Creatures such as we
It is not action or fantasy. But everyone should try it atleast one. It is a great philosophical romance. Please use the link to know more. It will raise questions on your head. It will help you to discover yourself.

5. Forgotten spell
It is different from other tin man games. It has many puzzles throughout the book.
      The story is not so good. It is like a fairy tale for children . But has tricky choices and enough action. The spell carrying system is ……different.

6. The fire wolf saga
Story of a barbarian outcast that discovers he is much more than a barbarian. Choices are many. Level up system is good because you carry on your level and items in next books.

7.Game book adventure(GA) series
It is first book of series. The story is much like Lord of the rings set in another human history.
       Books of the series are also available in packs of 3 at discounted rates.
Book 1-3

Books 4-6

It is also really good series . The entire story is in one app only .
       The story is long south lots of stats. But enough choices to raise them. You play as an orphan whose parents are killed by a vampire. Brought up by good uncle he joins Supernatural Response Team.

9.Delight games library
Out has all titles of delight games.
These are fantasy books .
      They have good stories and excellent stats system with only few stats to manage.
You may also like this app
Well brightness

It lowers your phone brightness in minus (backlight off) that is ideal for reading in smartphone. Reduced the strain in eyes.

        These are only that titles I have read . But there are many more. Go to any of the link and press More by developer
    Especially try any book of choice of games.
      CYOAs are being released more and more frequently. This can prove to be a great evolutions in the world of reading . As great as bringing of printing press. This is the future of reading.
     Please try something new. May be you get something you will love.
     Lots of thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts . They hold great value to me.


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