India – country of rape- NOT SO POSSIBLE

       India – a major country in central south east asia, has recently came into lime light because of increasing number of rape cases. According to govt census more than 29,000 cases are registered. But this number is it the whole story. 
Thousands of incidents unreported . Victims are forced to hide their plea due to family pressure , fear of infamy. Often the victim is black mailed by making mms of the heinous act.
       Honour of family is also a great barrier that prevent such incidents to be reported. Many a times victim is only blamed for arousing the accused. She is blamed for bringing disgrace to family name .
        Another problem is lack of sensitivity . People see victims with disgust , not with empathy. Many women are  afraid to go to police just because police is not sensitive.
Reciting the incidence becomes a greater mental trauma then the rape itself.
       Rate of increasing of rape incidence is greatly growing f room previous year. Example are like nirbhaaya rape case , a girl is brutally raped and assaulted in a moving bus that has finally led to her death.
        Just presently a professor in Germany refused admission to a student on ground that he is an indian male and may be a that to her female students
      So does India really that unsafe for woman? Should you cancel your vacation to I?
       Believe me that is more a myth than reality. Petty words of some enemies of the country.
       I am not saying these things are not true. But one thing that is happening in the country is CHANGE. Change in mindset , change in opinion , change in cultures , change in people itself who makes a country.
       After the nirbhaaya case thousands of people in national capital as well as rest of the country too to streets chanting slogans and demanding death sentence for the rapist. It shows that people want change. And it is happening . Soon after the incidence new law formed extending the definition of rape. Harshening  the punishment . Even giving a norm for death sentence on rare cases. 
      Women safety was  one of the top priority issue in state as well as the general elections . All political parties included safety for woman at the top of their agenda.
       Not only safety efforts are on the rise to empower the women.
         But we need to understand where the real problem lies. Fact is that Indian culture bans any kind of activity or discussion related to sexual topics. This is believed to prevent any kind of bad thoughts in a child’s mind.
      But this may not be entirely true . Sexual things  are part of being human . They just cannot be completely forbid. As a child becomes a teenager there are lot of hormonal changes in him/her . Curiosity about them is only natural. It is obvious they will try to understand . But they are afraid to discuss with their friends. So they will use other sources. India ranks second on porn content search . It does not surprise me. This gives them incomplete or unethical knowledge that may turn them in rapist .
      Great effort are being made by govt and NGOs to impart right sex education to children . Many people accepting the fact that right education on sexual issues is the best solution for this problem. Mindsets are rapidly changing.
       Also , changes are made in training arrangements of police to impart emotional training to handle such issues.
       The recent rise in registered cases is actually a good thing. As people are becoming less afraid of making an FIR.
       More women are being hired as constables to handle such cases.
      Also, the indian culture gives woman very high status in society . The culture which is blamed for oppressing womanhood , is actually their greatest honour. We are taught to respect woman as a sister, mother, wife . We are taught that they are lifetime of our life. Without them we are nothing. But some people  bends these teachings to suit their convenience. They are at fault and not out culture.
        But they are a small part of the indian society of 1 billion. There are 100s of millions who place women in utmost esteem.
       We believe in ‘Naari shakti’
We know that a woman can make the earth a heaven and also can bring down help if her dignity is endangered.
       India is a great nation. Its beauty lies in many culture , all of which have given woman a place that equals gods.
       Please don’t make a wrong opinion just due to petty thinking of some jealous people.
      Lots of thanks for reading. Your thoughts hold great value to me . Please share them in comments.
      Have a blissful life and visit India some time.


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