Inferiority Complex – failing before you fail

Inferiority complex is
a sense of personal inferiority arising from conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being humiliated.
Human is a social being. One cannot live alone . Every person want to feel praised. Want to feel important among his fellas. This is a fact and not an assumption . U
      But it is also true that we are afraid to go in public . Are we looking good. What others think about us. etc etc. This fear is quiet natural . It is actually the fear of unknown.
We fear things that are uncertain , not experienced to us before . And we compare ourself with others who seems to be better.
     Inferiority complex is not just a newbie nature that possess over time. In some cases it can be a huge  psychological problem hampering your growth and confidence. It is not uncommon that inferiority complex has led to grave incidence .
There can never be a way to run from inferiority complex . You can only fight it.
How . That I will tell you.
First step is understand that inferiority complex is as common as air around you. It is not that you are only affected by it. Every human being in some part of his/her life is affected by it. It is also not uncommon that people has overcome it. Never ever leave hope .
Secondly , you have to identify you have inferiority complex or not . Are you really taking it seriously or not? What are its sources? Jot down on a paper as stupid as it appears, It always help.
Once you know all this you can start the real work.
Think over them are they really that important. Most of the things dont deserve your attention.
You may have complex because you sucks in something and your some friend or some  pear is great in it. Like I sucks in sports and most of my friends are typically athletes. It is found that pear pressure is greatest source of inferiority complex .
It is not necessary that you have too be like your pears. You may not have their talents.
But I am 101% due you will have some unique talent that they may not have . You just have to find it.
Try some hobbies. Gardening , sports , computers, video games , reading or even chatting anything you like. In the process you may find your hidden talent which you can boost. Even if you fail to find your talent it is never a waste of time. You gain new experiences and lots of enjoyment which you can share with your friends. And this can be death blow to your complex.
Good understanding friends are boon for entire lives .
You can share anything with them . They will understand you and also will protect you from unwanted things like your complex. Like I said before i sucks in sports. But I worked hard in academics and became good on it . I helped my friends in studies and gained their respect. In turn they helped me in sports.
So try to make friends. Always be polite with others. It happens many times that jealousy takes root in you from your complex . You eye their achievements with disgust and soon it will turn to envy.
You must not let this happen. Envy will only destroy you. Immediately remove such thoughts as these comes in your mind. Always try to be polite . Appreciate their talent and not just for showing.
Gaining confidence is also a great way to overcome inferiority complex. Public fearing has frightened even the greatest persons in history. Those who have overcome it has made history. Try to overcome this fear of public. Participate in drama or debates or recitations anything in which you get to go in stage or just in front of class . You may feel like a fool. But you are not . You may win nothing but you get the exposure that will build your confidence. More your confidence increase less your complex will become.
Also just dont compare yourself with others . You are a human being. Every human is unique . You have unique personality, unique talents ,.unique sms dna , unique soul. Unique soul. You are special in yourself. Look yourself with dignity . Dont run from shortcomings. Accept them as you accept your strengths. Be yourself.
Finally, from above words it feels like inferiority complex is a curse on humanity. But every thing has a negative as well as a positive side. It is your vote that matters. You can view your complex as a challenge . Why you just accept that you sucks in something . Use your complex to motivate you to challenge your weaknesses. Like I was never good in any sports; . But I refuse to accept it . I played every sport with my friends. I tripped 10s of times . I was blamed when our team loses . But I never gave up. I kept trying. Over time I improved .I may not become some athlete but I improved my fitness and reflexes. Even this can take out your hidden talents. Your complex can be your greatest demotivater or your greatest inspiration.
I have tested these techniques in my life itself. These really works. But remember this are only guidelines. Real effort you have to do yourself. You caan do it .

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave in comments . After all you have a completely unique view of life from which I can learn many things . Never estimate you, yours and yourself.

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